30 June 2012

Style Crush #6

Rachel Bilson in 'Hart of Dixie' ... I have literally just started watching this & have totally fallen in love with it. Rachel Bilson has been a favourite since her Summer Roberts days in The OC - Seth & Summer 4ever - when I saw the adverts for this, I had to watch it! Obviously she wears some fierce outfits in it, teamed with her understated make up & gorgeous hair it is a total win!


28 June 2012

The Stash

Whenever I get my hair done I go for a post haircut trip to the Boots hair department. It is tradition. I somehow feel that a new hair cut & colour requires new hair products - method to my madness somewhere, I am sure. Nevertheless this post hair dresser trip resulted in my repurchasing the purple shampoo & conditioner I used the first time I got my hair bleached - the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes range - and getting some VO5 Miracle Concentrate. I had wanted some Moroccan Oil but it is just so darn expensive, I have heard good things about this so thought why not!

I thought COllection 2000 was on 3 for 2 - it wasn't but I got the heavy duty concealer I 100% need right now, the Healthy Mix concealer just isn't cutting the mustard on my dot-to-dot complexion right now. I got the Sheer Loose Powder as my Healthy Mix powder is a little too dark for tan that has faded sort of days. The troubles of a false tanner!

The shorts were a 'I don't really need these but I want them & will wear them so why not' sort of buy. They weren't too expensive at £22.99 so can't complain really!

Seeing as I looked ghastly in the picture of my new hair yesterday, here is a little snap shot from today ... I always think your hair is better the day after a cut. When you've been able to style it yourself. Don't get me wrong my hairdresser has never, ever done anything I haven't been more than happy with but I like messing about with it myself. So here it is... the new do!

27 June 2012


If you follow me on Twitter you will know I have been moaning about getting my hair cut & coloured for ages well Today I finally got it done. Yay! I think my fringe needs to grow a touch but over all I really like it. I love having platinum blonde hair, it makes me happy. I decided to go for a choppy fringed crop not as short as I normally go but I fancied a change so why not! Let me know what you think :) x

24 June 2012

Week in Photos #3

Writing in my diary/journal . My best effort at drawing (I can't draw - this is the best I can manage) . New book . Wrist combo . New stuff . New Year Resolutions that I've actually achieved . Hawt chair . Wrap come Pizza . Sorting out my picture wall . Childhood memories

23 June 2012

Style Crush #5

Rita Ora ... She has a very 'out there' kind of style. More 'out there' than I care to go but she pulls it off to perfection & is incredibly beautiful. The black backless dress is so stunning on her. It looks perfect with her blonde curls & red lips.

21 June 2012

19 June 2012

Make me out of clay

Palazzo pants - palazzo trousers just doesn't sound right - were a new addition to my wardrobe last summer & these lil Zara babies have become a favourite for hot days where I don't want too much fuss.  Plus they are in my favourite colour - orange!

I had them on with a black tshirt knotted to the side, a black tshirt knotted to the front, my blue crop top, my white crop top ... I eventually settled for my grey Topshop top that has been seen a few times on here.  No face today as my hair is a complete & utter mess! I am however getting it cut & coloured a week tomorrow - I can't wait. It needs it so badly!

Anyways enjoy the sunshine everyone x

17 June 2012

Style Crush #4

Emma Watson. Obviously she would be a style crush, I mean she models for Chanel & Burberry - you won't find Pat Butcher being the face of brands like this. No offense to Pat fans! She is always chic & classic. Her trench coats are a firm favourite of mine. Plus she is a part of the pixie crop crew.

My love for Emma Watson is showing on my face I think as it caused a boy in a club o tell me I look like Hermione & asked if he could be my Harry! Haha!

15 June 2012

Weekly Picks #3

Miss Sporty Yellow Nail Polish
I've been loving this polish lately. It is a nice summery colour - shame the weather doesn't match it but what can ya do! The Miss Sporty nail varnishes are good value for money & there are some pretty decent colours!

Benefit That Gal Primer
Nice wee Glamour magazine freebie. I have totally fallen in love with this primer, worn under Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum & some MAC MSF Natural it gives a beautiful glowy, natural finish. Definitely getting a full size of this when my little tube runs dry.

17 Hot Chilli Lipstick
My lipstick obsession continues. I love this so much I've worn it twice this week - shock, horror! It is a beautiful orange red colour that looks gorgeous on the lips.

Sarah Lashes by Eylure
These are really gorgeous lashes, they are pretty natural looking but lengthen the eye & add a bit of volume which is really nice. Plus she has good hair ... not mentioned this fact before!

Crop tops
No big surprise that I love crop tops! Simple, easy to wear. Not much else to day about these really.

Nicole Richie on the cover of Company
I'm a devoted Elle reader but when I saw Nicole Richie on the cover of Company it was mine! Nicole Richie is so fashionable with an amazing sense of style! I love her style - the 70s twist she incorporates is amazing. Love her!


14 June 2012

How do you think I feel?

This was a rushed, I'm going to be late outfit that actually turned out pretty well. Sometimes the rushed, what can I wear outfits come out terribly! This jumper from Topshop is a firm favourite of mine, I normally wear it with a vest top underneath but had a moment of genius (slight exaggeration) & chucked on my Miss Selfridge crop top - I hate a crop top, I do. My trusty light wash Levis & I'm good to go! Oh and some 17 Hot Chilli lipstick - loooove.

I cannot wait until my hair grows, it just needs to grow a tiny bit more & I can get it cut & coloured... Come on hair, don't let me down!


13 June 2012

Style crush #3

Sarah Harding. She has a cool (so much hate for that word) edgy style that is a nice mix of vintage & rocky. By far my favourite Girls Aloud - if you were wondering - with some simple yet effortlessly chic outfits. Added with some envy inducing haircuts & lipsticks oh and an amazing figure. She has it all really. Loooove