19 June 2012

Make me out of clay

Palazzo pants - palazzo trousers just doesn't sound right - were a new addition to my wardrobe last summer & these lil Zara babies have become a favourite for hot days where I don't want too much fuss.  Plus they are in my favourite colour - orange!

I had them on with a black tshirt knotted to the side, a black tshirt knotted to the front, my blue crop top, my white crop top ... I eventually settled for my grey Topshop top that has been seen a few times on here.  No face today as my hair is a complete & utter mess! I am however getting it cut & coloured a week tomorrow - I can't wait. It needs it so badly!

Anyways enjoy the sunshine everyone x


  1. Love your silky trousers! Could not believe that you only have 11 followers so Im now following you!


  2. the trousers are amazing!

  3. So pretty! We really love your pants! Such a fun pattern!

    ox from NYC!