28 June 2012

The Stash

Whenever I get my hair done I go for a post haircut trip to the Boots hair department. It is tradition. I somehow feel that a new hair cut & colour requires new hair products - method to my madness somewhere, I am sure. Nevertheless this post hair dresser trip resulted in my repurchasing the purple shampoo & conditioner I used the first time I got my hair bleached - the Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes range - and getting some VO5 Miracle Concentrate. I had wanted some Moroccan Oil but it is just so darn expensive, I have heard good things about this so thought why not!

I thought COllection 2000 was on 3 for 2 - it wasn't but I got the heavy duty concealer I 100% need right now, the Healthy Mix concealer just isn't cutting the mustard on my dot-to-dot complexion right now. I got the Sheer Loose Powder as my Healthy Mix powder is a little too dark for tan that has faded sort of days. The troubles of a false tanner!

The shorts were a 'I don't really need these but I want them & will wear them so why not' sort of buy. They weren't too expensive at £22.99 so can't complain really!

Seeing as I looked ghastly in the picture of my new hair yesterday, here is a little snap shot from today ... I always think your hair is better the day after a cut. When you've been able to style it yourself. Don't get me wrong my hairdresser has never, ever done anything I haven't been more than happy with but I like messing about with it myself. So here it is... the new do!


  1. looks amazing! You're so lucky you can pull of short hair, it'd look awful on me. Love those shorts too x

  2. Love your hair! Those shorts are so cute! xx

  3. I always feel like I need new hair products after a cut! Ha-ha! I love your hair, sooo pretty x