12 June 2012

Talk that talk

I had planned on wearing this outfit with a midi black pleated skirt but I wanted to wear my Fred Perry lace ups so had to pull on the trusty black maxi yet again. You can't go wrong with a maxi!

I love the crop tops Topshop have to offer just now, they aren't crazy prices & do the job! Can't complain. I've come to the conclusion, that lipstick that isn't super duper pale looks much more flattering. Also, a little colour on the lips is a nice wee touch.

I wasn't doing much today but I always remember the quote that goes along the lines of "No matter how you feel, get up & get dressed." So I did!

I had planned on wearing the cardigan but decided the leather jacket was a better option today.

Top, skirt - Topshop | Belt - Accessorize | Shoes - Fred Perry | Bag - Tesco | Ring - H&M | Watch - River Island | Lipstick - MUA Nectar


  1. Love this look! Fabulous skirt

  2. I really love this outfit, can't go wrong with a white crop top and black skirt = gorgeous.
    Your figure is amazing btw! xx

    1. Thanks Laura thats really sweet of you :). Totally agree, easy outfit xx