31 July 2012

I adore you.

Wearing: H&M Tshirt & Hat New Look Skirt Zara belt Tesoc bag EBay sunglasses

I finally got back into the gym today, a zumba class followed with a 10 minutes run & some weights and I am back in the zone! I like the gym zone, I am one of those sad people that enjoy the gym... I have started drinking more water the past two days which is making me feel much more awake. It is however resulting in an increased number of toilet trips...

I felt like being girly today so went for this pleated skirt with a basic v neck tshirt& my studded belt just casual & cool for a little sit about in the park reading my book. I'm not too sure about the hat, I feel a bit of a tit in it! What do you think?

30 July 2012

I hope someday we'll meet again.

Wearing: New Look top, River Island shorts, H&M belt, Tesco bag, Rings Ebay & Accessorize, Bracelets A mix, Sunglasses Ebay

I was all set to go chill in the park today in the sunshine then as soon as I stepped outside it rained! Typical. Instead of chilling in the sunshine I changed my room about, I love doing this. I do it so much! My style is changing a little bit recently, it is getting a little more relaxed & I am kind of loving it. I am also loving my new little above the knuckle rings from Ebay, they add a nice little touch of interest.

I am on a major major spending ban as I realised today I am skinter than a skint thing! Not good. I get paid a week on Friday so I am pretty much spending the week going to the gym, reading & on the interweb - basically no nights out or shopping. Boo hoo! 

28 July 2012

It's not the end of the world.

 What I am wearing: Crop top - Cut up Ressi freebie, Kristen Topshop Jeans, New Look wedges, Tesco bag, Thumb ring Boutique, Bracelets Random mix

I was planning on heading down to Princes Street today to get some leggings for the new as I noticed that my current ones are ever so slightly see thru pretty much all over - so happy that this fact was brought to my attention while I was at the gym - but if i am honest I really cannot be bothered so I think a day of chilling in my rocking chair in the sunny patch at my window reading 'The Other Boleyn Girl' by Pilippa Gregory is a much better plan. Might as well be dressed up for such occasion!   I find when I read often I can write a lot more, I love reading but sometimes fall into not reading stages currently I can't get enough of reading. I am trying to get through as many books in my pile of to-reads as possible before 4th year university starts...

This mint green top was a freebie in a magazine Elle possibly but it was just too small for me so I chopped it up into a crop top. The rough edge is what I like most about it. It comes in pretty handy now considering without some chopping it would have met the bin! Anyway have a lovely Saturday whatever you may be doing!

26 July 2012

Seeing the world through new lenses

After a lovely week at my Mum & Dad's house I am now back in my flat in Edinburgh with speedy internet #yay!! As much as I love being at my Mum & Dad's, I love my internet also! On my return to my flat this afternoon I was met with a little parcel for me. Said parcel contained these little beauties - pictured - I had wanted some Wayfayer style sunglasses for ages but I can't afford to fork out on the real deal so these little babes from EBay do me just fine. I had planned on going for the classic black style but I fell for the tortoise shell when I saw them so they were mine....

I will be back with outfits a lot more regularly now, I have the bug back! Oh also I have joined Pintrest < click on this to go to my page

24 July 2012

Style Crush #8

I could have added hundreds more pictures for this lovely lady. Kelly Osbourne has become such a big Style crush of mine recently, she has a beautiful mix of classic and modern but is always glamorous. Her hair & make up keeps simpler pieces more edgy & she loves detail in an outfit. Love, love love. Also, Fashion Police is amazing television, got to love a bit of Joan!

21 July 2012


Random pictures of me being a tit while taking outfit photos... I will be back with outfits & things properly very soon! I am currently at my mum and dad's house in Glasgow with extremely slow internet which is driving me crazy already - I only arrived last night - but I am loving being home. Happy weekend!

18 July 2012

It's a wide leg

The wide legged pant, trouser whatever it is that you wish to call it, is an over looked cut a lot of the time, I feel. It is effortlessly flattering & eye catching as straight to skinny cut pants are so widely popular today. The only thing close to a wide legged pant that I own are my Zara Orange palazzo pants which have served me wonderfully the past two years & make me feel equally flattered & eye catching whenever I choose to don them. This said, I am considering a pair of wide leg jeans ala Nicole Richie simply for something different, to mix it up a little. What do you think of wide leg cuts? Flattering?

17 July 2012

You say that love is not that easy

Just a quick outfit from a couple of days ago, nothing too exciting just a simple outfit for shopping! As I've mentioned before, I've really gotten into wearing earrings again, these earrings are gorgeous but as they are three separate leaves they bang off each other as you move making a chiming sort of noise which can get waring after a while but they are pretty!

Earrings: Topshop
Top: New Look
Shorts: Zara

15 July 2012

Look at the stars

My mums birthday is coming up, a week on Thursday to be exact, so I have been out getting bits together for her present - so far I have some MAC bits & some earrings - while out shopping I inadvertently picked up some bits for myself... oops! Two were sale finds & one was free so it wasn't that bad really. The knitted vest was a Topshop sale find for £7, I think it will be really versatile & easy to wear, the white striped top is from New Look which is another easy to wear piece. I've really gotten into earrings again recently so when I saw these babies in the Miss Selfridge sale for £2, £2(!) I had to get them, the shape of them is just so different & interesting. When I was getting my MAC bits for my mum I back to MAC'd for Creme cup lipstick, I like it but it is a bit of a nothingy colour. I'll use it up anyways! I look a little chavtastic in the last picture in my zipper with my earrings in - I promise I didn't wear it like this! I was just chilling & thought I'd take a wee snap for this post. The zipper is also actually a new purchase from New Look.

I'm actually listening to U2 'The City of Blinding lights' as I type & I absolutely love the line 'Don't look before you laugh, look ugly in a photograph' - to me it just gives the image of if you're having fun & doing your thing why do you have to pose & make sure you look how you want in a photo when you can just have it taken randomly & capture a true moment in time, if you get me?! Happy Sunday lovlies

12 July 2012

Fashion in 'Charade'

'Charade' is one of my favourite Audrey Hepburn movies. It is in the good company of  'Roman Holiday', the classic that is 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' and the fabulously styled 'How to steal a million' - everything from Audrey's clothes to her eye make up are simply perfect in 'How to steal a million.'

The fashion in 'Charade' is all Givenchy, oh to be Audrey Hepburn - & is simply stunning, in particular the three outfits pictured; the fascinator worn at her late husbands funeral complete with the veil, the red coat with leopard print hat & the black dress with bead detail on the waist. All simply stunning. 

She has such grace & elegance added with the amazing clothes, the Parisian background & Cary Grant it is just perfect. Watch it! It will not disappoint! I found my copy today in a charity shop for £3, such a find along with Factory Girl. 

10 July 2012

Reading Material

Reading material for a day of chilling in bed watching old films. I've started with 'How to marry a millionaire' followed with 'Gentlemen prefer blondes', 'Some like it hot',  'Breakfast at Tiffanys' probably finishing with not so old but Hugh Jackman is a stud in it - 'Australia' <3 Happy Tuesday.

9 July 2012

I'm feeling electric tonight

I went out with the mindset of black pointed toe heels suitable for day time. These are what I came home with... Topshop sale purchase - you can't judge me! These shoes cost me a lovely £13.50 (£15 without student discount). I'm going out on Wednesday night & these need to feature in some way. How I am not entirely sure. I was thinking black jeans & a simple top with a cuff necklace. Denim shorts would look amazing but I'm not brave enough to try denim shorts without tights. Wimp that I am. They are just perfection. Any good sale purchases?

And I think to myself

Zara Top & belt . New Look jeans . H&M Earrings . Nails Inc Victoria

"No matter how you feel, get up & get dressed." I love this quote, it always makes you feel better to get washed & dressed even if you are just sitting round the house you still feel better! I hadn't worn these trousers in about a year then I took a notion for them, can't beat a pair of red trousers! Earrings were something I used to wear all the time then just stopped suddenly but I think with my new hair cut they work. Let me know what you think! What a shock to not see me in shorts! Exciting times [Insert ironic tone]. I cannot wait until the Festival starts here in August, the city really comes alive & there is loads to do as currently I am beyond bored! There is literally nothing to do especially with the rubbish weather & my lack of funds ... Have a good Monday!

8 July 2012

Time to see me

I'm going through a bit of a transition period at the moment, I used to be all about the heavy lined eye makeup but I'm actually enjoying just wearing mascara. It means I can bronze & highlight up my cheeks ... every cloud! Oh and lashings of gloss! I'm just having a nice chilled Sunday watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, drinking green tea & attempting to be creative. I can't draw to save myself  - I wish I could, this wish is so strong that in Primary 1 I ran to my teacher at the front of the class in bits because I couldn't draw hands! - but I enjoy writing little paragraphs or short stories. I could do this for hours, getting lost in being someone else. I also enjoy a magazine cut out montage which is my background in most of my pictures or a little doodle in my notepad of song lyrics or quotes I love. This is the depth of my creativity. Can you be taught how to draw? Even if you can't manage hands? Happy Sunday!

6 July 2012


 Wearing: Topshop Shell top . H&M Necklace & jeans . M&S Pumps . River Island Watch . Zara bag

My face is not as orange as it looks in the first picture - I promise - due to the shocking 'summer' weather it is really dull & horrible so some editing had to be done in order to get a decent picture! An orange face is a small sacrifice! I love this necklace, my friends saw it in H&M & thought i had already bought it - that's how me it is so obviously I had to buy it. It makes a nice pop of colour in an outfit, I'm really into black with a simple cream, white, putty coloured top then a pop of colour somewhere at the moment. I just think it's a simple look that is still put together - que rushing to the shops to gorge on cream, white, putty, off grey, grey ... just give me neutral! Anyway I have minimal eye make up on, just liquid on the top and a couple of layers of mascara, I'm not really sure if I like it. Normally I'm a heavy eye kind of girl but this could be a nice change?! Let me know what you think! I orginally had this on with my hairy M&S slippers but changed them for my Fred Perry Tennis pumps that badly need replaced & my H&M oversized zipper. It's just so comfy in the words of Conor Maynard I can't say no! Have a good Friday lovlies x