9 July 2012

And I think to myself

Zara Top & belt . New Look jeans . H&M Earrings . Nails Inc Victoria

"No matter how you feel, get up & get dressed." I love this quote, it always makes you feel better to get washed & dressed even if you are just sitting round the house you still feel better! I hadn't worn these trousers in about a year then I took a notion for them, can't beat a pair of red trousers! Earrings were something I used to wear all the time then just stopped suddenly but I think with my new hair cut they work. Let me know what you think! What a shock to not see me in shorts! Exciting times [Insert ironic tone]. I cannot wait until the Festival starts here in August, the city really comes alive & there is loads to do as currently I am beyond bored! There is literally nothing to do especially with the rubbish weather & my lack of funds ... Have a good Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Love the jeans! Those earrings looks really pretty and your right they do suit your hair cut! xx