3 July 2012

Hair History

I thought I would take a little stroll through the history of my hair! What I want in my hair has changed so much. It's gone from longing for long locks to being super duper short so let's go through this...

 2008. Long dark brown hair with a fringe. This was the time when I curled my hair with a curling tong every single day! I loved this at the time.

 Spring 2009. Bit more blonde & full of volume. I used to do the hairspray, wrap hair round a big round brush & blast with the hairdryer. Again at the time I totally loved this, the volume was amazing.

 Autumn 2009. Dyed darker again. Long & wavy. It looks so so dry here which it probably was. First semester of first year at University it was more than likely to be dry!

 Autumn 2009. Still dark & shorter with a side fringe. Bit of a nothing haircut really...

 Spring 2010. Back to my natural colour & back to the old favourite of a big fringe. I loved this, this was a good time in my life so I guess I like the haircut due to that?!

 Summer 2010. I got the big chop! The Frankie cut came out to play. Best decision I have ever made. Loved this!

 October 2010. Shorter again.

 Summer 2011. This was the red face. I loved packing on a a box dye!

 September 2011. Blonde!

 October 2011. Even blonder! It was pretty much white by this point. Loved loved loved this.

 March 2012. I went a darker blonde & got it cut back really short.

 April 2012. Darker & cut really really short. Loved the cut, hated the colour.

Now. Loving the new cut.


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