15 July 2012

Look at the stars

My mums birthday is coming up, a week on Thursday to be exact, so I have been out getting bits together for her present - so far I have some MAC bits & some earrings - while out shopping I inadvertently picked up some bits for myself... oops! Two were sale finds & one was free so it wasn't that bad really. The knitted vest was a Topshop sale find for £7, I think it will be really versatile & easy to wear, the white striped top is from New Look which is another easy to wear piece. I've really gotten into earrings again recently so when I saw these babies in the Miss Selfridge sale for £2, £2(!) I had to get them, the shape of them is just so different & interesting. When I was getting my MAC bits for my mum I back to MAC'd for Creme cup lipstick, I like it but it is a bit of a nothingy colour. I'll use it up anyways! I look a little chavtastic in the last picture in my zipper with my earrings in - I promise I didn't wear it like this! I was just chilling & thought I'd take a wee snap for this post. The zipper is also actually a new purchase from New Look.

I'm actually listening to U2 'The City of Blinding lights' as I type & I absolutely love the line 'Don't look before you laugh, look ugly in a photograph' - to me it just gives the image of if you're having fun & doing your thing why do you have to pose & make sure you look how you want in a photo when you can just have it taken randomly & capture a true moment in time, if you get me?! Happy Sunday lovlies

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  1. That lipstick is just the prettiest colour!