25 August 2012

Getting so much younger.

Just a really simple outfit - as I seem to say everytime - I'm just off reteraunt hunting & to see about the blue screen of death that keeps appearing on my laptop... #pleasebeok

I love this blouse from H&M, it is so versatile & comfortable, it was an absolute bargain too. The bag I got for Christmas but it is one of those things that before my style changed fitted with my old sense of style. Maybe it was a catalyst in the change... Who knows!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Blouse H&M, Necklace, Jeans & Bag - Topshop, Above the knuckle rings - EBay

24 August 2012

Style Crush #10

I think, don't quote me, that Ashley is in these pictures. I think, I find it extremely hard to tell them apart! Nonetheless the Olsen twins have the perfect mix of high fashion, boho & grunge to their style. Ashley, I feel, is the more put together twin with Mary Kate having a touch more 'grunge'. Whatever the opinion,  both styles I can't fault. They grew up in the spotlight & have 100% grown into their own styles in recent year. They own numerous successful fashion brands - they have to be stylish!

21 August 2012

Too busy for you?

All black is one of my favourite outfits, it is just so easy & simple. I thought throwing on a gold collar & some Kate Moss pink lipstick would make it a little more interesting. Lipstick has become a big love of mine as of late, maybe it is something to do with the fact I'm not Crayola crayon-ing my eyes with eyeliner anymore?! Who knows. I'm loving it nonetheless & I can see myself going with this make up 'look' for a while...

The light is a wee bit funny in these photos & the last photograph isn't too clear but you can get the jist!

H&M Top, Miss Selfridge Collar, Topshop Kristen jeans, Zara bag

20 August 2012

Maybe we were moving a little too fast

I love these trousers. A Zara sale find last year that has seen my through two summers, they are so comfortable & flattering plus they are a gorgeous orange - my favourite colour! #win The weather has picked up a little so we are off to the beach, wish us luck!

Topshop Top, H&M hat, Zara trousers, Topshop necklace & arm bracelet

19 August 2012

We're lost in these covers

Topshop vest & skirt River Island watch Ebay rings No7 Hot Chilli lipstick

I thought it was going to be a glorious day today hence the ensemble sadly this didn't happen & is now pouring but it was dry while I was out so I can't complain really. This knitted vest was in the Topshop sale for half price & has been handy for day time & nights out, I think it is just one of those pieces that goes with anything & everything. Although I do wish I had bought it in a size bigger so it was a little baggier rather than being as fitted as it is but not much I can do about that now! I have to buy a new black maxi soon, this one has started to that washed out way but it has seen my through since winter!

I'm loving my minimal make up still especially the way bright lips look with it, the eyeliner lover might be a major convert...


17 August 2012

Collars & Knuckles.

Simplicity is slowly easing its self into other areas of my life other than my clothes, I've been opting for simpler, finer jewellery along with less make up. It can only save me time while getting ready, that's the thought anyways?!

Collar necklaces & these little above the knuckles rings are favourites of mine right now - they are simple enough to not get in the way while still being interesting & offering conversation topics/starters - if conversation starting or topics are a struggle. I like to think of them as a last resort, que playing wing woman & entertaining the friend who asks the intriguing question: "What is with your little, tiny rings?!" I rest my case.

13 August 2012

Hair care

Hair care is something that I have really gotten into recently. Having bleached hair for the 2nd time in my life I know from my 1st experience that it requires a lot of care. It gets very dry, takes on a lovely fluffy cloud texture in the morning & feels funny when it gets wet. This said, these are my go to products in order to keep my hair soft & nourished as well as keeping brassy yellow tones at bay and adding some shine. You can see my full hair history here. 

Not all products mentioned are pictured as I am at my Mum & Dad's house, grabbing the most convenient products while packing has resulted in leaving a few in the flat! 

Washing & Conditioning
My 1st journey into Team Blonde saw me use firstly, John Fredia Colour renew shampoo & conditioner before moving onto the Lee Stafford Bleach blondes shampoo & conditioner. The Lee Stafford products I chose to use again this time around until I discovered the Touch of Silver line through blogs. This stuff is not only cheap but an amazing product that really cares for the hair. Currently I am using the Daily Maintenance shampoo, nourishing shampoo & the twice a week brightening shampoo. These three products, particularly the twice a week shampoo keep my colour bright & yellow free without breaking the bank!

To keep add some moisture back to my hair I use the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo, conditioner & hair mask. All three of these products leave my hair feeling soft & helps to combat the fluffy texture bleached hair can take on sometimes. Generally I use the The touch of silver line shampoo & conditioner one day then the Herbal Essences the next with the twice a week brightening shampoo funnily enough twice a week! I like to do a hair mask at least twice a week leaving it on for as long as possible. This can sometimes be up to an hour depending on time constraints.

Blow drying
My hair needs to be blow dried. It is of a style that if it isn't blow dried bad things happen...

I keep this pretty simple currently switching between two products. The first is the VO5 Miracle Concentrate with Argan oil. This product does wonders when blow drying my hair, it makes it smooth & soft along with taming any fly away. Although my hair is short I like to use a generous amount of this product simple because my hair is so dry it needs it! I was a total div & spilt my bottle losing about a 1/5 of it - not a happy bunny that morning! I will 100% repurchase this stuff when my bottle runs dry. Total miracle product.

The second is the Tresemme Split Remedy Treatment. Something I bought on a whim trying to make up an offer in actual fact it has become a firm favourite hair care product for me. It leaves me hair soft & tamed without weighting it down or making it greasy. I wouldn't chose this over the Miracle Concentrate but it is a lovely product that works really well. I like to think of this as my not doing much but am doing my hair-hair product. If that even makes sense?!

I also use the Toni & Guy Heat defense spray lightly on my fringe prior to straightening.

This last step is key in getting the style correct with my hair cut but it doesn't really have any products which particularly 'care' for my hair. For volume I like to use a powder/dust, currently it is a Schwarzkopf one that a friend left at my flat & later gifted to me but I loved the VO5 version too. I use this for a little bit of height &texture through the top of my hair. To mess it up a little & to hold the style in place I choose one of three products; Toni & Guy Defining wax for defined texture (silver pot) or the Toni & Guy Funky gum for flexible separation with shine or my one true hair wax love that is oh so expensive but fabulous the Shu Uemura Kengo Feather. If I could chose one product to style my hair with it would be the Kengo Feather but I can't afford it every time I need a new tube although the tubes last for ages. One day I will use this bad boy everyday but for now the Toni & Guy waxes do the job when I don't feel like using my Kengo feather. The defining wax funnily enough gives my hair definition & texture while adding a bit of weight whereas the Funky gum gives a lighter feel to the hair as well as giving the hair some texture & shine.

So that is pretty much my hair routine! Hopefully someone finds it useful?!

11 August 2012

Style Crush #9

The Style Crush series of posts could not be done without featuring Olivia Palermo at one point. This lady has the most elegant, beautiful style that is accessorized to perfection. I think I might have to feature her day time looks in this post & do a separate post on her night time looks as there are so many that I love so keep an eye out for Style Crush Olivia Palermo part 2!

Her style has relaxed a lot since her days in The City but current Palermo or Retro the girl can not do wrong. With her perfectly styled hair, red nails & drop dead gorgeous wardrobe there is no question she is a style crush!

8 August 2012

Can you handle me?

Topshop Top & Skirt, H&M Necklace, Ebay sunglasses & Marc B Bag

My hair needs fluffed up badly here, it is just too flat but that is by the by really. I love maxis skirts on hot days, they are just so easy and comfortable especially in this little three day  heat-wave that is currently taking hold in Scotland. My mum came through from Glasgow today & we went to an exhibition & had lunch, it was so nice seeing my mum having lunch & catching up. This is what I wore - nothing fancy just comfy & casual. I fell into a little boyish phase of dressing for a while but I think I am out of it. I'm off out on the tiles tonight so expect an outfit & probably moaning if you follow me on Twitter! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

7 August 2012


Simplicity is something I have been drawn to recently particularly in clothes. Simple pieces teamed with a print or a beautiful textured fabric are screaming out to me more and more at the moment. While browsing through Tumblr - my link is here - I came across these three shots, fell in love with them & re-blogged them double quick. I actually think all the pieces would work well together basically there is 4 outfits from the pieces. This Autumn/winter I am definitely investing in some nice knitwear!

4 August 2012

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' - A classic movie. One of my favourites if you ever ponder the crucial question that is 'What films are in her favourites?' Now you have one of the many!  Growing up my mum introduced me to the world of "old movies" & the romance was born. I always wanted to be Jane Russell as a child gallivanting on a boat or a steam train getting myself into trouble & falling in love without knowing it - who doesn't want this?! Growing up watching the likes of Jane Russell & Marilyn Monroe with their beautiful figures has resulted in - after many teenage years spent longing to be flat chested, hip-less & bottom-less - a deep appreciation for curves & the beauty that they possess. 

The lines & the general put together look of the times is beautiful. It exudes glamour & class, I would love to dress in day time as they do in films of this period. Marilyn in the blue shift dress with gloves & a fur stole is just so perfect!  

2 August 2012

Don't tell me it's over

The quality of these pictures isn't too good as we got our windows cleaned today & the sun is literally beaming through - I didn't even realise they had got so dirty until they were cleaned! So I apologise for the image quality but you can see the outfit well enough, it isn't overly detailed so the images do the job!

Orange is one of my favourite colours, if not my all time favourite, when I saw these wedges last summer I had to have them! They are pretty high & not overly comfortable which I why I hardly ever wear them but the orange hue just worked so well with my navy H&M trousers & striped H&M vest so I couldn't not wear them! I won't lie I have since donned my trusty Wallis sandals as the pain was getting a little too much for me but I put up with the pain for a little, enough time to appreciate their beauty. They are now safely back in my cupboard until their next outing! Probably next summer for about 20 minutes!

Also, I cannot believe it is August already! So crazy!