17 August 2012

Collars & Knuckles.

Simplicity is slowly easing its self into other areas of my life other than my clothes, I've been opting for simpler, finer jewellery along with less make up. It can only save me time while getting ready, that's the thought anyways?!

Collar necklaces & these little above the knuckles rings are favourites of mine right now - they are simple enough to not get in the way while still being interesting & offering conversation topics/starters - if conversation starting or topics are a struggle. I like to think of them as a last resort, que playing wing woman & entertaining the friend who asks the intriguing question: "What is with your little, tiny rings?!" I rest my case.


  1. I'm in love with collar necklaces too at the moment! They are a great statement piece to add to a simple look :-)

  2. the necklace is gorgeous! lovely blog :0