2 August 2012

Don't tell me it's over

The quality of these pictures isn't too good as we got our windows cleaned today & the sun is literally beaming through - I didn't even realise they had got so dirty until they were cleaned! So I apologise for the image quality but you can see the outfit well enough, it isn't overly detailed so the images do the job!

Orange is one of my favourite colours, if not my all time favourite, when I saw these wedges last summer I had to have them! They are pretty high & not overly comfortable which I why I hardly ever wear them but the orange hue just worked so well with my navy H&M trousers & striped H&M vest so I couldn't not wear them! I won't lie I have since donned my trusty Wallis sandals as the pain was getting a little too much for me but I put up with the pain for a little, enough time to appreciate their beauty. They are now safely back in my cupboard until their next outing! Probably next summer for about 20 minutes!

Also, I cannot believe it is August already! So crazy!


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