7 August 2012


Simplicity is something I have been drawn to recently particularly in clothes. Simple pieces teamed with a print or a beautiful textured fabric are screaming out to me more and more at the moment. While browsing through Tumblr - my link is here - I came across these three shots, fell in love with them & re-blogged them double quick. I actually think all the pieces would work well together basically there is 4 outfits from the pieces. This Autumn/winter I am definitely investing in some nice knitwear!


  1. agreed my outfits are defiantly starting to tone down a bit and become really simple!
    oh wow the third outfit is so lovely!
    i'll check out your tumblr x

  2. me too! i can't stop picking up simple things..but love it! hehe. Love those outfits :)
    Love, P.