28 September 2012

Question & Answer.

Q: What is one of your loves, a simple thing that probably doesn't mean much to anyone else?

A: Finding a piece of clothing -jacket, shoes, bag anything, whatever it may be - that just pulls your wardrobe together.

For me this has to be my army jacket. I've mentioned before that it was an absolute steal at £2 on EBay, it is originally from Gap mens & something that since receiving in the post I have worn practically everyday.

I love the fact that it goes with everything pretty much & has opened up my wardrobe to me. I am starting to pull out old Topshop dresses that haven't seen daylight for years that will go perfectly with the army jacket. Maybe it was fate that brought us together, maybe it just happened. Whatever the answer, I'm happy we are together!

What is you're answer to the question?


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