20 October 2012

Short hair.

I have been writing a lot of university essay & the like as of late so I feel like my creative juices are in full flow which I is probably why I got up this morning & decided to write on short hair of all things. As some of you may or may not know I have had short hair for about 3 years & I highly doubt I will ever return to the land of long, tousled locks - it just isn't me. I feel like myself with short hair & it has allowed me to dabble in colour & cuts - it isn't as limited as you may think.

On Monday I decided to get my longer pixie cut bleached blonde barnet chopped super short & into a medium brown - I love it. I look tanned! I will know doubt get bored & go back to blonde but for now I am happy as a brunette.  I love thi article that I saw another blogger mention:



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