28 October 2012

Sunday Diay #1

I wanted to a do a more personal, life based post I guess you could call it. Sunday Diary is just going to be a round up of my week, how I'm feeling, what I've been up to & what not! So now I've explained this post in the most inarticulate way possible I will get on with Sunday Diary #1...

Picture from my hallowe'en/birthday party last night*

So last night was my birthday/hallowe'en party which was good, I have amazing friends but of course one too many drinks sometimes leads to tears but these things happen! I loved my costume 1920s flapper girl, the heavy dark make up was amazing - dark eye make up is always a good idea! Maybe next week I will show you my costume from actually Hallowe'en night...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend & had fun fancy dressing it last night!

What did everyone go as?


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