30 October 2012

You'll probably always have a spell on me

Last week I went out for drinks with some chummies & this is what I wore... as I was in a rush & the last to get ready (how this happened I do not know as I am always the first ready?!) these pictures are re-takes! The only differences are my eye make up as heavier & darker on the night and I had on electric blue nail polish apart from that everything is the same!

Everything I am wearing are favourites of mine at the moment, apart from possibly the shoes as they have torn up my feet something awful so much so I had to limp to the camera and back...

All the items have definitely been good buys as I have worn them all in different situations and with different things - always a good sign. The top & velvet trousers are River Island items, I never normally shop in River Island but these two items have made me crave a little trip for a snoop about... The earrings have been featured before as well, H&M cannot go wrong in the earring department in my opinion. These lil' babies are getting a daytime outing tomorrow. It is my birthday after all, why shouldn't I wear sparklers during the day!

Happy Tuesday lovelies!


  1. I love the look. So simple but classic and stylish. I want to find a vest top which just hangs :)

    1. This one was only £10 from RIver island, they have it in the cream and in black. Really good value! Thanks for the comment x