30 November 2012

Warm Rain

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Skater skirts have such a flattering shape before I bought this skirt from Topshop I was a little wary of them as I normally lean more towards a fitted skirt but after purchasing this one I really like the style. I doubt I will go out and buy another one but this simple black one will suffice .... for now. The first time I ever wore the skirt was with some polka dot tights from good old M&S but sadly I ripped them on my handbag?! I know, I don't understand how it happened either. These boots are New Look jobbies from last year (I think) they have a lovely chunky heel & a nice bit of exposed zip detail.

I'm not sure what to do with my hair, I can't decide whether to chop it all off or leave it... I won't be able to get it done again till after Christmas and New Year so I could go really messy. Ahhh I can't decide.

Jacket - Gap Mens via EBay
Tshirt - H&M
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - New Look via Ebay

29 November 2012

Style Crush #18

This weeks Style Crush post features my 2 favourite looks from the Style Awards this week.

 Gemma Arterton

 Stella McCartney

*All images from Google

Gemma Arterton & Stella McCartney are my favourites from the Brittish Fashion Awards this year. Everything about their looks is very simple - something I like - yet stylish & put together.

Gemma Arterton's black cut off blazer & pants showed off her beautiful figure to perfection plus she added some fierce (I can't pull off saying that word, my apologises) shoes. Everything about it just screams classic, stylish & chic. 

Stella McCartney is someone who I have looked at her designs & loved but never considered her personal style up until this point. This jumpsuit is amazing. It has a feel of it shouldn't work about it due it's baggy shape but it works so well it cannot be put into words. The added sparkle on the side & the simple black flats - perfection. So much perfection in fact that I have wasted a little too much time searching through style photos of the lady herself! 

25 November 2012

22 November 2012

Style Crush #17

Olivia Palermo is a previous Style Crush but this girl has more style in her left pinky than is fair, to be honest, so she is a Style Crush for a 2nd time. I'm sure she is jumping for joy at this fact...

 This weeks Style Crush post is based on Olivia Palermo & her fur gilets, something her & I have in common is our love for this winter warmer although I have a feeling hers may be slightly more expensive and luxurious than mine but nonetheless a girl can dream!

                                               *Images from Google Image

My favourites are definitely between the last 3, the 2nd outfit has a gorgeous mix of colours, textures and prints which works so well but outfit number 3 ticks all the boxes too as does 4. Basically I can't choose!

What is your favourite?

20 November 2012

We might get a chance to talk and talk might lead to dancing

I have a strange sense of achievement about this outfit as it isn't all black, it is mostly black but not all black is an achievement for me. I'm trying my hardest to break the all blackness that is my wardrobe. Even went crazy today & bought a blue tshirt!

River Island Disco pants are love. They are 100% the most comfortable trousers I own & go with almost anything & everything. I'm feeling better about myself today, just had one of those meh days but you were all so lovely in the comments so thank you! I think it is nice when girls show other girls support or a genuine comment or compliment as sometimes girls can be quite catty.

Cardigan, tshirt, bag & Boots - Topshop
Disco Pants - River Island
Necklace - H&M

Post title: Tyler Hilton, You'll ask for me

19 November 2012

Sunday Diary #4

Seen as I totally forgot to do the Sunday Diary post yesterday we are going to live life in the crazy lane today & have the Sunday post on a ... Monday! I know, I feel like this is too much craziness as well!

I spent this weekend working & doing an extremely good job of avoiding writing my literature review section of my dissertation proposal. I plan to start it after this... promise.

What else ... I am trying to wear clothes that are a bit more form fitting as baggy clothes, to me, just make me look like a big blob! You know one of those days when you just feel really down and rubbish about yourself? Yeah, I'm having one of those ones. I have back problems & it has gotten sore again meaning I can't go to the gym which makes me feel loads better about myself so I'm going to have to just deal with it & accept that I have to take it easy & that I am not a blob! Everyone gets days like this, what are your ways to make yourself feel better? (Please, don't say go a run or I will actually weep!)

I am thinking about starting a 2nd blog for writing, I am a bit of an amateur story writer but just have them in a notebook. Let me know if anyone would be interested. It is nothing brilliant but I love doing it!

Happy Monday! x

15 November 2012

Style Crush #16

* All images from Google Images

Frankie Sandford has a very mixed style, sometimes I love what she is wearing other times I'm not a fan but I suppose that is the same with everyones style!I just picked a few of my favourite outfits that are a nice mix of day & night.

14 November 2012

She's just a girl

A lot of black- again - but you've come to expect it now, I'm sure. I am trying to wear less black & also things that are more fitted as baggy stuff just doesn't really suit my shape but sometimes a big baggy tshirt & cardigan are what feels good... I did add a splash of colour with my scarf & red nail polish anything to distract from my newly dyed black hair! If you follow me on Twitter, you will know this was an accident but I actually quite like it now with a tan & some make up ... que my chummy calling me Kris Jenner! I like it for now, I always get so bored with my hair colour, I suppose it is part of having a short cut you can play about with colour a little more!

One more thing before I go & get back to my dissertation proposal which I will be using all of you lovely people for (if you are willing to help! *hopeful face*) as it is on Social Media in particular fashion blogging!

PS I love my Fur Gilet! <3

Faux Fur Gilet - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Oasis
Dropped Arm Hole Vest - New Look
Necklace & Cardigan - Topshop
Scarf - Oasis
Velvet Trousers (Think they are the 'Molly') - River Island
Boots - Topshop (Seen here)
Bag - Zara
Watch - River Island

12 November 2012

Love is such a crazy thing

This blouse was an impulse buy that always seems to have a comeback in my wardrobe! I'm not sure what made me pull it out today, I guess I just felt like being a wee bit smarter dressed today?! I love it mixed with my velvet trousers & fur gilet. This little baby was my birthday present from my mum & dad. It is from Topshop & is totally perfect. I love throwing it over my safari jacket or leather jacket for a little bit of added warmth. Again it is a nice way to add textures... all about the textures today it would seem!

gilet, bag & boots - Topshop
Blouse - Old New Look
Velvet trousers - River Island

11 November 2012

Sunday Diary #3

*picture from my friends 22nd Birthday night out

One of these Sunday diaries I will use a picture that isn't from the night before, one day! I've had such a good weekend, yesterday was so much fun spent with my favourite people - my brother, my friends... it was so perfect. This week I need to majorly get into my uni work... 4th year is killer!

I love my River Island Disco pant dupes ... they are so comfy & so flattering. £30 well spent for sure!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

8 November 2012

Style Crush #15

 *Images from Zimbio

 Kim Kardashian's transformation since getting together with Kayne West is very obvious, if you watch the show you will have seen her wardrobe makeover! Some outfits have been awful, for want of a better word but some I have loved. So Miss Kim K is my Style Crush for this week.

Her looks are quite monochromatic, I like to think I am quite monochromatic, in reality I just wear a shit load of black! - with bursts of rich colours such as emerald green, cobalt blue & red ... she also has become an avid texture mixer which I think is a nice way of adding detail to pretty basic everyday pieces.

I would have featured a few more outfits but I don't want to go over the top with pictures!

6 November 2012

Birthday Bag

Say hello to my new handbag friend!

She is a little Topshop number that my flatmates got me for my birthday. I had lusted over her for so long & am so happy that she is finally mine! The suede is so luxurious & the detail on the back if perfection. The shorter gold chain handle is a nice touch but I doubt if I will ever be seen bashing along the street with it like that...

Topshop at the moment are getting it so right. I am forever on the website thinking of all the things I want to buy... this could end really badly.

4 November 2012

Sunday Diary #2

 *picture from Halloween/my actual birthday

Back to work this week after 2 weeks off... I really don't want to go back! I've got a uni presentation tomorrow as well which I am really not looking forward too, I hate presentations but this time tomorrow it will be over & done with! I got some River Island disco pant dupes but I'm not sure how I feel in them. They are insanely comfortable but I'm not sure if they are very flattering. Maybe I will post some pictures before next weekend seen as I am planning to wear them then!

What did everyone get up to this weekend?

1 November 2012

Style Crush #14

All images from Google Images*

Paloma Faith has such amazing style. She is always well turned out & a little bit creative with her looks without forgetting glamorous! I'd love to dress like her everyday but I think I'd get some odd looks walking around Tesco...

Her style has a very vintage 1950s feel to it but there is something of a modern look to it as well. I heard Paloma once says that the reason she dresses so overtly is that her generation [my generation, more than likely your generation] never put effort in to dressing anymore. I can understand where she is coming from, 1950s girls wore matching dresses & jackets with hats during the day *sigh*