30 November 2012

Warm Rain

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Skater skirts have such a flattering shape before I bought this skirt from Topshop I was a little wary of them as I normally lean more towards a fitted skirt but after purchasing this one I really like the style. I doubt I will go out and buy another one but this simple black one will suffice .... for now. The first time I ever wore the skirt was with some polka dot tights from good old M&S but sadly I ripped them on my handbag?! I know, I don't understand how it happened either. These boots are New Look jobbies from last year (I think) they have a lovely chunky heel & a nice bit of exposed zip detail.

I'm not sure what to do with my hair, I can't decide whether to chop it all off or leave it... I won't be able to get it done again till after Christmas and New Year so I could go really messy. Ahhh I can't decide.

Jacket - Gap Mens via EBay
Tshirt - H&M
Belt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop
Boots - New Look via Ebay


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