22 December 2012

Prints & Studs

The shape of this Topshop dress (No link, I'm afraid as she is an oldie) without an added belt or the sash it came with is questionable. It resembles one of those tents you sick a pole in the middle of then pull out the sides, the wearer being, of course, the pole in the middle...

With a belt I can handle it if I am in the right mood. Shapeless baggy things tend to do very little for my body shape but we all have days where that is what screams out to us to wear.



I wore the dress with my Zara studded belt - a summer sale find, last summer I believe - which I think adds more to it than the matching sash although the belt is too big for my waist so it was low slung but I think it makes quite a pretty shape. I wore my Topshop western ankle boots - link & the usual fur gilet, leather jacket & silly sized handbag.

Other than my outfit other bits of news include...

  • I finished The Great Gatsby - amazing book. I loved it from start to finish, now all I need is May to roll around for the new film! I am now reading The House of Silk which is the new Sherlock Holmes book, I've only ready a chapter & a bit but am loving it already.
  • Over the last few days, I have been debating between the Topshop velvet shorts - link - and the Zara velvet shorts - link - HELP!! I just can't decide!
  • Home for Christmas today. I am so excited this year & I think I have my Christmas day outfit down unless Santa brings me something purdy

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  1. I love you style. You must be a modern girl. And I also love fashion. Have followed you, hope you can follow back. xoxo

    Have a nice day!