30 December 2012

Sunday Diary #6

I totally forgot that I said a Sunday Diary post would be a weekly affair, my apologies. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas & are all preprared for the New Year!

I spent Christmas week at my mum & dad's which has been lovely so nice to relax after a busy semester at uni! I am back to Edinburgh for a few days for work & for New Year then propably back to my mum & dad's for a while.

I was having a think the other night about what my new years resolutions might be, I am thinking of going for something to do with my skincare & looking after my skin better as I can be a little lazy when it comes to skincare so I'm sure some TLC won't do any damage! I am also going to make a concious effort to add colour into my wardrobe - I wear too much black. It seems to be all I am ever in.

2013 will see me in bright clothes with cared for skin ... or that is the plan

What are everyone else's resolutions?


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