1 December 2012

Trying out


I went into Superdrug to get eyelashes on Wednesday afternoon, I came out with £28 worth of goodies including these Tresemme products. I'm not usually a fan of Tresemme products, I don't really know why, it just tends to be a brand that I ignore! These products were on 3 for £6.99 - at £5.99 and £5.49 each  it was an offer I couldn't resist really.

With layers of bleach under my botched home dye job, my hair needs some TLC before drying & hair oils tend to do the job perfectly. I am a big fan of the VO5 hair miracle concentrate but they didn't have that in stock so the Tresemme Argan Oil treatment it was! I've only used it once or twice but so far it has left my hair feeling soft & silky while adding some shine.

The 24 hour body powder is good, does what it says on the tin - or little plastic bottle - but it is quite a sticky product. It also feels like you've bought an empty bottle but that's nothing to do with anything really!

I would probably consider repurchasing these products at some point but as of Tuesday when I get my long, flowing locks (This is total sarcasm fyi) chopped off I doubt I will need them - I will probably still use the oil treatment but I fear the Body powder will sink to the deepest darkest corner of my products drawer till my hair returns to its current state.

Ever tried these products? What did you think of them?

Happy Saturday!


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