9 December 2013

Beauty: Feeling Fragrant.

Through out my teens fragrances were never something I was drawn to. I was all about make up products, fake tan and hair styles. Recently this has changed, possibly more I have changed?! I am still a massive make up product fiend and do enjoy a hairstyle or two, fake tan not so much anymore. This being said, there was a gap in my product loving subconscious which ultimately resulted in a brief fling with a fragrance being rekindled.

I was given a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X for my 21st Birthday from my older brother, a scent I ultimately couldn't get enough of. Following using up my bottle, it didn't occur to me to repurchase. The fragrance itself is beautiful. Very fresh with hints of orange, vanilla, bergamot and mandarin.

Scents need to be light and fresh or we will not get on. Heavy, strong scents lead to migraines for me therefore a light scent is my only option. Classique X is exactly that. I recently repurchased a 100ml bottle from Cheap Smells as I had a little tester of this and when I wore it I got lots of 'Oo don't you smell nice' compliments. Sure sign, it is a good fragrance.

What is your go to fragrance?

8 December 2013

Life: Six for Sunday.

Posts keeping readers up to date with the bloggers daily grind are a favourite read of mine. I feel it gives the blog a little personality & you almost get some what of an insight into what the writer is up to other than blogging about their favourite foundation or their outfit for the day. Of course this got me thinking about how I was going to do this & the cheeky little post of Six for Sunday was born.

Six for Sunday is basically going to be Six things about the week past. Six activities, six things I've learnt, bought, thought... you catch my drift. So here goes!

1. This week it has felt like all I've done is work. Very much looking forward to a little break for three days over Christmas to see my family especially as I've been missing my lovely mum quite a lot today. I actually can't believe how close Christmas is now!

2. Giving Erratic Glamour a little bit of a face lift over the last week and a half has really awoken my love my blogging again. I totally fell out of it the last few months for some reason. Expect more!

3. While chatting to my lovely flatmate this week, we realised just how much has changed in a year, also how big a year 2013 has been for us. This time last year we hadn't even started writing our under graduate dissertations now we have graduated and are basically full blown adults minus the maturity possibly.

4. After getting a little tidy up on my very odd hair shape this week, I cannot wait for my front layers to drop so I can have a little bob on the go. Compared to this time last year - back to reminiscing - my hair has come quite a way.

5. Being a murder mystery super fan, the discovery of The Mentalist this week was definitely a high point. I just cannot get enough. Plus Patrick dresses insanely well and is a looker... No complaints.

6. Not sleeping enough, eating poorly and doing little to no exercise is definitely taking its toll on me. I feel sluggish, emotional and generally blah so this coming week I am trying to improve on all accounts.

Happy Sunday!

4 December 2013

Hair: 37 Week Pixie Update

37 weeks, that is 9 months & 1 week of hair growth.

Following my last update at 29 weeks, my hair has grown quite a lot. I have enough length to pin back the back(!) or put my hair in a tiny pony tail. This way the length doesn't annoy me and I can fake longer hair. I just got my hair tidied up and the weight taken out today as it was starting to look really shapeless and heavy.Personally, leaving my hair to grow as long as possible before getting it cut is the best option I find. I don't have vaults full of money where I can splash out on a haircut every 6 weeks. Sadly.

Last week I put a golden brown dye through my hair purely to cover the greys and for a little change without going for the chop. I quite like the colour against my natural skintone. So that is my 37 week update hopefully soon I will have myself a little bob that will allow me to style in some messy curls.

22 November 2013

I Shouldn't really be shopping but....

Over the past few weeks I've accumulated a few new bits and bobs, some bought myself and others given as birthday gifts from the grand old turning 24... I had a lovely birthday spending most of my actually birthday with my lovely dad then a nice dinner with my family minus the big brother. I did get a new bag from the older sibling but sadly the handle broke off it on Saturday morning - boo Zara - so that has been returned and another is on it's way.

H&M Basic tops Ranging from £4.99-7.99 

H&M Basic tops are my favourite. Affordable, always a plethora to choose from and the fit is normally pretty good. I tried to serve black as much as possible but the over sized t shirt came in colours that I just didn't get along with so I had to go for black! The striped vest comes in a black with white as well which I shall be snapping up also. Why not, if I like it! 

Porcelain Reindeer Melstock & Quire. Orange House Plant in Ceramic 

My first Christmas decoration of the year bought, I got this adorable little reindeer ornament from a gorgeous shop in Morningside, Edinburgh. It was about £2.99 which I think is an absolute steal. It is so cute.

The plant I bought from my work simply because I love the orange shade of the flowering part and it is a nice little addiction to my room without being over powering. And it was reduced... 

Topshop Treggings - £28 

Already owning a similar pair of trousers in a white with black pattern I knew snapping up a second pair would be a good move. They are the comfiest trousers and are perfect for the winter time as they are thick. 

                                   Cath Kidston Notepad and Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard

I love keeping a journal. I find it so therapeutic especially being a serial worrier, writing things out tends to help me along a little. Of course I can't write these things down in any old thing so while my laptop was off getting fixed I treated myself to a new diary and a sneaky new novel. I was immediately drawn to this book it features Paris - love - food - love - and a whole load of romance... it is beautifully written.

                                         Zara Coat - Birthday Present so not sure of prices

This was my 24th Birthday present from my mum and dad. I needed a new coat badly, my old coat was about 5 years old so a new one was needed. This coat is beautiful. Perfect cut, sits nicely... just perfect. Zara I love you ... apart from my new bag breaking that is.

Happy Friday!

20 November 2013

Being an avid black liner fan I am always on the look out for a new product that will provide the smudgy, smokey look the so desire. While browsing the make up stands in Superdrug I found my at the Rimmel stand - not a stand I found myself at all too often but I was there so I figured I would have a little rummage around to see what I could find. On my rummage I came across the Scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal. At first I was dubious, waterproof products and myself don't always get on but for £3.99 I figured what the heck!

My first impressions of this eyeliner are all raving reviews. This product is amazing. Smooth, creamy with intensity in the colour. It doesn't smudge or fade although a little top up through out the day is always nice to freshen up the look. I like to smudge out my liner with a black eyeshadow and angled brush which compliments this eye liner perfectly. For £3.99 it is definitely worth having a look at if you enjoy an intense black liner. Amazing product. Probably one of my favourites of the 2013... Sweeping statement...

Happy Wednesday

19 November 2013

Life: Absent without Leave.

I've been a little absent without leave recently. Well for quite a while actually. I have my reasons well one main reason actually and that is I work more hours now so am quite busy and normally when my days off roll around they are spent in leggings, vest tops and hoodies... not so glamorous. Or blog worthy.

I want to get back into blogging regularly so am attempting to make an effort to produce some content at least 3 times a week so expect to see some more of me around here again!

Happy Tuesday!

12 November 2013

Skincare: Back to Basics

Following a rather nasty eczema break out - is that the right term?!- on my eyelids & top lip, think swollen, puffy eyelids that were bright red & a crusty top lip, I had to re-evaluate my skin routine. What I was using clearly wasn't beneficial to my skin.

The suspect being Garnier Soft Essentials Complete Cleanser for Dry Skin. I know what you are thinking, it is for dry skin so how did it make you skin more dry?! That I do not know. Removing make up with this cleanser night after night left me dry and flaky with a nasty bout of eczema. Action has to be taken as my skin was painful not mention I looked less than alluring...

Following a trip the the Pharmacy to get some strong cream for my eyelids, I embarked on a skin mositurising spree. I wanted to keep everything simple. I thought on it for a while & did a little research into products eventually settling for a few products aimed at babies & rich creams to keep my face hydrated.

Once my breakout finally calmed I decided to have a route around for some new products to aid in removing my makeup. As a first cleanse I like to use baby lotion. If it is sensitive enough for baby skin then it must be sensitive enough for my sand paper skin. It works at treat as a initial cleanse which I then follow up with the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. I like to use this with a face cloth rather than the cheap cloth that comes with the product. This product is amazing and a total steal. It cleanses the skin while giving it a wee bit of TLC without a hefty price tag attached - smells gorgeous too! This is followed by a rinse with some spot fighting facial wash depending on the condition of my skin. Normally I reach for the Neutrogena 2 in 1 Wash & Mask.

What are your core skincare products?

11 November 2013

You Are Now An Adult.

As of June 2013, I am a graduate. I have the letter BA(Hons) after my name. Once the expected high of said event had worn off and several hours of applying for jobs, phone interviews (the bane of my life), actual interviews and waiting around for the rejection became my reality I realised that looking for that perfect graduate job isn’t actually much – if any – fun.

The job market is a toughie. Of course people have a better degree result, have done more extra curricular activity than you have but there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere… right?! Saying this I have compiled a short list of some of the most annoying things that have come to my attention since entering the ever exciting & time consuming world that is job hunting,

Number 1:
Places not getting back to you post interview if you haven’t been successful. It is just good manners. And they cost nothing!

Number 2:
Places not even acknowledging your existence when you do apply for a job. Again, good manners. A basic email that everyone gets, saying thank you for your application. Not difficult.

Number 3:
“You are the perfect candidate for this role but you don’t have enough industry experience I’m afraid” HOW AM I GOING TO GAIN SAID EXPERIENCE IF YOU WON’T GIVE ME A ROLE?! (This could possibly be the most annoying one of all.)

Number 4:
Interview stages that looks a little something like this ….
One- phone interview
Two – Interview with Team Leader
Three – Interview with HR & another Team Leader
Four – Short presentation
Five – Interview with Managing Director
After these 5 repetitive & mind numbingly dull interview you might get the job or you might be rejected at stage 3…

Number 5:
Employment Agencies. Sure they are doing they’re job and getting you interview but a twist of the truth about what the job actually is or entails benefits no party. Neither does a fancied up job title which in essence is a cold calling, sales job.

Number 6:
Offices being so difficult to find you end up in either a housing estate or an industrial estate with the word FEAR printed in invisible ink across your forehead. (This has happened to many times to me!)

So that is just 6 of the most annoying things I have observed and experienced through these past 5ish months of being a graduate. Worst comes to worst, I am going to make myself off to a busy spot off in this fair (adopted) city of mine with a rather charming Hire Me! sign around my neck. Needs must & all that!

9 October 2013

29 Week Pixie Update

Seven months into the pixie growth process...

My hair & I have come a long way but everyday I wake up with the hope that this will be the day that I can wear my hair out from behind my ears alas that day has not arrived yet...

 The length is getting there slowly but surely, I just need the top layer & my fringe to drop a little & I will be smiling. Since day 1, I have come along way just need to persevere & remember that eventually I can take my hair out from behind my ears even possibly chuck it up in a bobble - imagine!

As far as haircare goes, deep conditioners & heat defence have been my best friends these past few weeks particularly as my hair is at the stage where without straightners it would look ever so similar to a bowl on my head...

Happy Wednesday!

28 September 2013

Everyday Face: Made Up #3: Back to black

Natural make up was the look of choice the past few weeks for a number of reason but being a black eyeliner fan - a very big one at that - of course there would come a day when I missed the smudgy, messy look that I ran to everyday for the past few years.

This look is my no means as heavy as my previous black eyeliner look, it is still black & probably a little much for daytime but I love it too much!  One thing I am taking from my venture into more natural make up is keeping my base simple. I will no doubt still sway to a natural look every now and again but today black eyeliner was a must.

I love how dark eyes look with pale skin. There isn't one particular reason that I can put my thumb on. I just love it especially with a little bronzer as a contour & a touch of highlighter. Perfect look. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Shade 51
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in Shade51
MAC Eyeshadows in Paridisco & Gleam -as highlighter & blush
Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Medium shimmer as a light contour

Sleek  Eau La La Liner in Black
Rimmel Black eyeshadow
MUA Undressed Palette used to fill in eyebrows

Boots Eyelash Curlers

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight 

27 September 2013

Autumn Picks: Beauty.

We all want to be warm & stylish during the colder months but a girl has to have a good supply of beauty supplies too! The winter months bring paler skin, dry skin & rosy cheeks so a little TLC doesn't go a miss when you aren't feel bright eyed and bushy tailed.

In order to make myself feel a little more preened I have a selection of product I like to reach for when Jack Frost bites. The only area I have left out is hair simply due to my pixie growth process which has covered pretty much all my haircare needs!

Nails through out Autumn and winter tend to centre around plums and reds with Nails Inc being a favourite brand. Saville Row is a rich, plum shade that is a little softer than a true black but still has the deep, gothic shade that works perfectly in the colder months. Picadilly Circus is a deep cerise shade that is interesting without being a very bright, garish pink. Think a pink for a lady! I love this shade, it is so beautiful and is an interesting colour. Finally Victoria & Albert is a beautiful true red. I am a massive red nails fan & this polish does not disappoint.

Skin & body care. I have dry skin. There is no way around it. This said, I need to moisturse daily sometimes twice... For this I have become a huge fan of Dove Purely Pampering body cream with Shea Butter and warm vanilla. I love this cream. It isn't too heavy or sticky that I can't get dressed after I put it on & the smell is light but still has a little kick. For my face, Nivea soft is a staple. This cream never lets me down.

For scent, I have gone for an old favourite of Chloe. I prefer the eau de perfume but sadly I can't part with the money currently so settled for the toilette. The smell is quite musky but smells amazing when it has settled into your skin & lingers. 

A few make up picks now. For eyes, I am all about a bit of smokeyness which the MUA Undressed palette is perfect for. Plus it is an absolute steal! The colours are a mix of matte and shimmers ranging from light brown to charcoal shade making it so simple to create an interesting eye look. For lips, the Nivea lip butter in caramel cream has been a staple since the summer & I am sure will see me through the colder months. I have decided to go fake tan free this Autumn/Winter, partly due to my skin being not so great & partly due to my love of pale skin with dark eyes! For this I have stuck with my one true love, Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in shade 51, light vanilla.

9 September 2013

26 Week Pixie Update.

So this 26 week pixie growing mark has come & gone. This Monday saw my hair reach 26 weeks of growth, 6 month! Looking back over my hair the last few months, I cannot believe how short my hair was but it has definitely got some length to it. I had a little 'I hate my hair why isn't it long' moment at the weekend but I just have to keep telling myself eventually it will how I long for it to be... *sigh*

The length still isn't at the right place to be worn out from out from my ears but not long hopefully. A little faked up do might come soon too... I think I need to go for a mullet trim & a little bit of the weight taken off from the top. I'm so excited for my messy, curly bob! I have noticed a big difference in my hair since I started taking Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E again. Whether they are helping or it is in my head who knows...

I am going to get a little tidy up on Wednesday at the hair dressers, my mullet is getting a little unruly & some weight needs taken off the top then I think I will be content with continuing with the growing.

Happy Monday!

19 August 2013

Growing out a pixie: Tips

On the 18th of March this year I decided that the time had come for me to bite the bullet & begin the long, laborious task that is growing out a pixie cut. If you have followed me for a while you will have been that my hair was super, super short for ages. To be honest, I didn't even realise how short it was until I looked back on it! I knew it would take a while to grow but now 5 months on my hair now has a little bit of length, I have a fringe & some length round my ears but it has been annoying getting to this stage - to say the least.

 18 of March 2013

Through the past 5 months I have hunted online for tips & tricks to assist me along my hair growth process but didn't find a huge amount of useful information so I figured a little list of tips to growing out a pixie might be helpful to those of you considering a pixie or growing out a pixie cut.

Tips for Growing out a Pixie Cut

1. Perseverance.
It is a long process & at stages you will think why am I doing this?! Keep going! The last thing you want to do is chop any growth you have achieved off because you don't like how it looks one day or it is annoying you. There will be days you absoultely hate your hair but just think of the end result.

I have attempted to grow out my hair a few times & always given up, headed to the hairdressers ending up back with my super short hair. You will only think 'Why didn't I keep going 3 months ago?! My hair would be so much longer now!'

2. Keep it Tidy.
You are growing your hair so why would you cut it, you ask. There will come a point when your hair will need a tidy up & given a bit of shape. For me this was around the 14 week mark. Partly due to my graduation being that week & I didn't want shapeless hair for my photos and partly due to my hair needing weight taken out of it & a little tidy up. Now in week 23, I am considering going for another little tidy up just to lose some weight & to get my 'mullet' tidied up.

3. Conditioning is Key.
Condition your hair as much as possible be it with a regular conditioner, a leave in conditioner or a conditioning mask. Slap it on! If your hair is in good condition then it is more likely to grow & will mean less trims of dead hair from the ends! An add benefit is of course that if it is in good condition then it won't be as annoying when it is in an awkward growing stage!

I haven't used any Hair Growth products such as the Lee Stafford or Mane & Tail simply because I don't believe that they will make my hair grow! I figure they will get my hair into a good condition but so will using regular conditioners & looking after my health.

4. Experiment. 
Dying your hair a different colour might be something you choose to do while growing out your pixie but be careful with this one. Too many chemicals could result in the condition of your hair lagging... Wash out dye are an option if you fancy a little change.

I hadn't seen my natural hair colour for years so for me this process allowed me to let that come back & to be honest I love my natural colour! Why I dyed over it for so many years is beyond me!

5. Hairdresser Plan.
With my Hair Stylist we have a little plan in our minds. We know my end hair goal, she knows where I started & each stage that I will have to go through to get to the fore mentioned end goal. This way when I go for a tidy up, she won't get scissor happy & leave me with a new pixie cut...

6. Vitamins & Diet. 
Eating well will not only benefit your hair but  of your skin & general health - nothing bad about that, now is there?! Keeping yourself full of nutrients that benefit the body won't do you any harm nor will it halt the process of hair growth. You want healthy, strong hair so make the rest of your body the same!

I have been taking a Vitamin B supplement over the past few months simply because it has hair benefits along with a Vitamin E supplement. E is good for your skin & I have really noticed a difference in my skin & the softness of my hair.

Do a little research into what you want from your Vitamin supplements.

7. Be Patient.
Patience is key. It will not happen over night, you will need to focus on the end goal & just give your hair sometime to work its magic! You will get there eventually.

Happy Hair Growing! x

13 August 2013


When it comes to nail polishes I tend to favour deep browns, red or blacks or bright orange reds or true reds. Whatever these colours do to my senses is just too much for me to resisted adding another to my collection! This being said my reds collection is at 9 currently. For these colours all having pretty much the exact same qualities, 9 is a little excessive....

At the moment the Maybelline Colour Show off in Orange Attack & Rimmel Orange your life are my favourite. Orange Attack is a true red orange and Orange your life is a true bright orange both look equally good with a tan while adding a nice pop of colour to a simple outfit.

5 August 2013

21 Week Hair Update.

21 weeks into growing out a very short pixie crop and I am finally starting to see some length. The overall shape of my hair isn't horrific but it isn't exactly a sought for look, to say the least. I have got myself a little bit of a fridge and have some length around my ears but not enough for wearing out from behind my ears just yet.

Week 1 (18-03-13) and Week 21 (06-08-13)

I really just want it to have some length to pull down the weight now as it is getting annoying but hopefully I will start to see more length coming in soon... 

4 August 2013

Life: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

This post is a bit of different post for me & for Erratic Glamour but it has been playing on my mind for sometime now so I figured biting the bullet & writing it is the smartest move. Basically, I want to talk about health & fitness which has been done time & time again however I believe that everyone has a unique story to tell that people will take different things from.

A little bit of background before I get into it. Growing up I was never particularly comfortable or confident in my own skin. I was overweight, not hugely but I wasn't happy. Team this with jibes about my weight & being compared to my older brother who was skinny (now a muscly, healthy man) my self esteem was at an all time low. I wasn't happy with how I looked or who I was. No confidence to take part or speak up I hide behind a loud persona that eventually resulted in some of the loneliest years of my life.

Wanting to do something about my weight with a bid to gain a little bit of confidence in myself I embarked on a fitness DVD programme. Coleen's workout DVD, Davina, Charlie Brooks, Natalie Cassidy... the list goes one! I started to see results slowly but surely & people started to notice and I felt good about myself but I still wasn't there. Working out teamed with healthy eating was helping but it wasn't enough to help me with my self esteem. In September 2009, I moved to a new city into student halls for my first year of University. My exercise halted all together & my eating habits weren't exactly great - think late nights clubbing teamed with convenience food...

Jump to second semester second year. I joined the gym & re-found my love for working out. Joining the gym was terrifying but doing it was good for me, it scared me but I did it & guess what I survived! I had some more confidence from this but due to a bad relationship & some bad circumstances I lost this confidence. I knew I had to do something to get back on track if you aren't happy with something change it, right?

So I got back to the gym, got my motivation back & embarked once more on my healthy eating mission. One more jump, the last one I promise, to second semester fourth year. Following an injured back, my weight had creeped up every so slightly. I wasn't comfortable as I was but couldn't afford the gym so I searched out a cheaper alternative. I found loads of videos online from Tone it up, Tracy Anderson, Valerie Walters... loads. I started working out in my flat & taking runs when I wanted a little variety.

Doing this method allowed for me to work out anytime I felt like it, 8pm seems to be a prime time or early mornings for me - time I couldn't get into the gym. I adopted a healthy eating lifestyle with regular workouts resulting in more self esteem & confidence. This had an impact on all aspects of my life from university, friends, work...

It has been a long journey for me to feel comfortable in my body. Sometimes I still don't & it has resulted in a critical frame of mind with regards to my body & how I look but stopping the nasty little comments in my head is something I have to do myself. People will criticize you for loosing weight whether it be out of jealousy, spite or they simply don't think you need to but if you don't feel happy as you are then go for it, I say.

31 July 2013

Back to Basics.

While sorting through my top drawer this week, I realised I have very few simple, basic tops that can be thrown on with jeans for a casual look. With this thought in my mind & some money gifted to me by my Grandparents as a graduation gift off I went to the shops.

H&M Basics - £3.99 each

Zara Sale - £3.99

I used to spend my life in black, always black, recently I have been yearning for some colour in my life so I picked up a few colourful tops ... and one black ... can't blame a girl. Two I got from Zara in the sale for a bargain of £3.99 and two from H&M. I can see these going well with my different coloured and textured jeans, with my shorts, skirts everything pretty much!

30 July 2013

Berry Nice.

Dark nails are a massive love of mine along with beautiful orange reds & a few pastels thrown in for good measure. Reserving dark colours for the colder months of Autumn & winter is not something I do, dark & gothic can work all year round don't ya know!

Following a long standing love affair with orange reds & pastels, Monday night save me apply this beautiful purple, brown deep shade from Estee Lauder. Black Berry was a birthday gift from my lovely mum & dad, clearly they know me well as this is a staple nail colour now. Teamed with beautiful tanned limbs & a nice summery outfit, this little beauty is a total dream nail polish. They are a little more expensive, as expected from a high end make up brand but totally worth the money.

29 July 2013

Old Friend.

Since losing the eye liner for a more natural, simple make up routine I have discovered some old favourites that had fallen to the bottom of my make up mass that I call a collection. One of these favourites is Nars blusher in Deep Throat.

 Deep Throat is a beautiful light pink that gives the skin a gorgeous healthy glow without being too much. The Nars website describes this shade as a "flirty, sheer pink", it is a sheer pink but on the apples with a little touch of highlighter just above it looks so pretty for day or night.

I love the Nars blushers, I really want to invest in a few others in the near future.

22 July 2013

Pastel Nails.

Rimmel I love lasting finish - Marshmallow Heaven

Following a brief spell of declaring my undying love of dark nails then red-orange tones on my talons I have finally swung back to a good ol' pastel shade. Marshmallow Heaven is a beautiful half lilac, half purple shade. Teamed with white outfits, tanned skin & simple make up this shade is a perfect addition to a nail polish collection.

21 July 2013

New Flat.

I've been in my new flat about 3 weeks now & I love it. It has taken a few weeks to get my room into away that I feel comfortable but I think I've cracked it. I still want to get a few bits as decor but for now I am pretty happy with how it is looking.

It will probably be this tidy till about ten minutes time but I tidied up, changed my bed & took some snaps just for you lucky lot!

20 July 2013

Everyday Face : Made Up #2

Recently I have changed up my make up routine a little. Partly due to this beautifully gorgeous weather we have been having & majorly due to a little eczema outbreak on my eye lids that has resulted in bright red, swollen lids. I am putting it down to too abrasive make up remover & the MUA eye shadows. Too many drying chemicals in both has resulted in some swollen lids... not attractive.

After being forced to alter my make up routine to meet the needs of a fore mentioned swollen lids & a strong dislike of leaving the house without make up my only option was wearing just mascara.

Following compliments from friends about how nice my eyes look & actually liking the look on my part, I think this may become a common everyday look. It is just so must more simple & quick to do.


Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Shade 53
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in Shade 52
Bourjois Healthy Mix Powder in Shade 53
Bourjois Blusher in Peach Bloom
Bare Minerals in Warmth 
Benefit High Beam

MUA Undressed Eyeshadow Palette for eye brows

YSL Faux Cils Mascara
Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream

19 July 2013

Simple Summer.

The Zara skort - that is skirt, shorts - is all over the blogging world this summer, literally everyone & their auntie has this little baby. Understandably, it is comfort personified. Perfect for a summer day sunbathing in the park. Everything else was kept simple, too hot for fussy clothes. So I opted for a simple linen tank courtesy of H&M with a turquoise beaded necklace also from H&M. My New Look sandals & finally my Zara shopping basket.

I have been wearing no eye make up these last few days due to eczema flaring up on my eye lids, no one likes swollen eye lids, so it has just been mascara for me. I actually quite like the look of it plus it is so much quicker to get ready in the morning!

Happy Friday!

18 July 2013


I love this sun dress from H&M. It is so versatile and was only £19.99! It is a little more girly than I would normally gravitate towards but whenever I wear it, I feel good in it... never a bad thing! 

Seen as it is exceptionally balmy for this Scottish girl who isn't used to this gorgeous heat a sundress, sandals & simple accessories was a must.

Dress H&M
Bag Topshop
Bangle Topshop - very old
Sandals New Look

15 July 2013

Getting to know me.

Fifty facts 
I like to feel like I sort of know the bloggers who take time to post not for any particular reason probably because I am a tiny touch nosey... So I thought I would tell you fifty facts about myself! 

 1. I have never been in love

2.  Reading is one of my favourite things to do

3. I can get very jealous -  quite easily 

4. If I have a crush on someone I can't make the "move" because then they will know I like them. No logic in that one...

5. I am incredibly close to my family

6. I have an Honours degree

7. My favourite colour is orange

8. I'm from Glasgow

9. But live in Edinburgh

10. I am obsessed with the 1920s 

11. I love love love fake tan

12. I've never had a serious boyfriend

13. In my teens I was quite over weight

14. I started working out & eating better and now it is a huge part of my life

15. Living in Paris is a life goal of mine

16. I have a few close friends that I value greatly

17. I find it hard to show my feelings

18. Laughter is the way to my heart

19.Hugh Jackman is my one true love

20. Crime, detective novels and TV programmes are some of my favourite 

21. I have very eclectic music taste

22. I have a thing for a nice bum. Muscely, toned bums are good!

23. The best thing I ever did for myself was cutting my hair into a pixie crop

24. My dog, George is such a wee lad. I love him

25. Shoes make me happy

26. I have never worn or owned a bikini

27. I am a morning person

28. Dancing about my room to music is one of my favourite things to do when I'm bored

29. I saw Paloma Faith live this year but got too hot half way through and fainted!

30.  I love musicals

31. I love to cook

32. I detest scented candles

33. Being bought a single red rose was the most romantic thing anyone has done for me (Sadly the relationship didn't last)

34. I am a firm believer in fate - if it is meant to happen then it will

35. I don't drink fizzy juice unless it is lemonade & I'm on the Blueberry vodders!

36. Audrey Hepburn films are some of my favourites

37. I love Tudor documentaries/TV series

38. I love to write particularly short stories

39. Moving to a new city for university was the best decision I've ever made

40. I have one regret in life

41. Poetry does nothing for me

42. I am a dreamer

43. I grew up on a farm

44. Cacti are my favourite plants

45. Summer is my favourite season

46. Manner costs nothing. I always try to be as polite as possible

47. I've worked in retail since I was 17

48. Cheese is my cheat food

49. I worry too much

50.  I'm excited for the future

14 July 2013

MUA Nail Polish

I love finding a bargain product. You know, one of those finds that results in a new favourite product. MUA has always been a brand that I have reached for, the eyeshadows are good quality for the price as are the eyebrow pencils. This said I decided to give the new line of nail polishes ago.

They are obviously Essie rip offs, the bottle couldn't be more similar if it tried but for a £1 I will put up with the shameless design pinching. I went for 2 totally opposite colours. One a pink based coral creatively named Bright Coral and the other a mint green colour called Pistachio ice cream.

Both are beautiful colours with surprisingly good quality although I think I might have got a dodgy  Pistachio ice cream as it is a little runny. Bright coral comes out a beautiful opaque shade that only requires 2 coats. Generally I always give my nail polish 2 coats so this isn't an annoyance to me.

13 July 2013

Tshirt Dress.

So apparently I like black and orange... who knew! This is just a little summers evening outfit I threw on last week before I went off to enjoy some of the gorgeous weather we have been having lately.

I am not a massive fan of this tshirt dress from H&M but it is so comfy & easy to add accessories if I want it to be a bit more exciting. I don't remember the exact price, I'm guessing no more than £10. Orange being my favourite colour, these wedges were a must have. Although only worn couple of times they never get boring. I added a gold necklace, bracelet and a few rings with my Topshop bag and I was good to go!

Tshirt dress: H&M
Wedges: Garage shoes
Jewellery: Topshop, ASOS and Random sellers

12 July 2013

Everyday Face : Made Up #1

From day-to-day my make up doesn't change too much. I switch up the eyeshadow's I use or the colour of eye liner - mainly between a black or a brown - or the type of eyeliner I use - gel, liquid, kohl etc - but the base mostly remains the same. Unless I am feeling adventurous, that it.

Recenetly these have been my go to products to achieve my over eye lined, nude face, glossy lipped look.

Face:  My face never really changes too much. Sometimes I will change the product I use but I never stray too far away from the same shades. Light, pinky toned blushes & a subtle contour. Since discovering the Healthy Mix range, it has been the only foundations I have used for as long as I can remember. Hey if it ain't broken, don't fix it!

 ourjois Healthy Mix foundation (Shade 53) and Healthy Mix concealer (Shade 52) Contour with Rimmel Smoked Oyster blusher and add a little healthy glow with Bourjois Beach Bloom blusher. If I am setting my make up then I will use either Rimmel Stay Matte in Shade Warm Beige, Bourjois Healthy Mix powder in 52 or Sleek Luminous Pressed powder in 02.

Eyes:  This is where I can get a bit more adventurous of sorts well more adventurous than my base!  I love playing around with different toned eyeliners and eye shadows as well as adding some spikey falsies if I am feeling particularity glam! I favourite kind of eyeliner is without a doubt a soft deep black kohl that allows me too smudge it with black eyeshadow or shades of brown. I am all about the smudgey-ness. Some people say it is a bit much for day time but I like it and without it I feel naked. It isn't a full on smokey eye but it isn't subtle.

 Sleek Eau La La eye pencil in black, MUA Brown eyebrow pencil, MUA Undressed palette, Rimmel Black eye shadow, Revlon Grow Luscious mascara in black, YSL Faux Cils in black

Lips: I sometimes venture into bold lip territory but not too often. I tend to stick to a milky, glossy lip or a matte nude. Currently I have been hopping between three products: Natural Collection lipgloss in Rasperry Ripple, Niviea lip balm in caramel cream and Superdrug I love... Strawberries and Milkshake lip balm.


 If/when my make up routine changes I will do another one of these just as a way of keeping up to date with whats on the old mug!

11 July 2013

Black & Orange.

Before finishing university & giving up my very central city centre flat, one last night on the town was required.  So that is what we did! I decided to wear my H&M Leather skirt back to front (zip up the back), my ASOS cami and my H&M orange clutch - for a little pop of colour. The wore my strappy New Look heels which by the end of the night were a killer but they looked nice so needs must.

10 July 2013

Linen, Leather & Suede

This outfit is from a few weeks ago before I moved into my new flat so excuse the mess in the background! Between finishing uni and preparing to move flat it was all a bit of a bomb site...

This outfit is just a simple casual outfit I wore to run some errands. Nothing too exciting but I think the mix of textures adds some interest without having to go too crazy with accessories or colours. My hair is such a mess in the photographs, growing out a pixie cut is tough! Once it passes the awkard stage hopefully it won't be too bad...

Leather jacket Oasis
Linen tank H&M
Velvet trousers River Island - The rip on the knee was from a fall! 
Bag - F&F at Tesco
Pumps - New Look
Watch - River Island

9 July 2013

17 Week Hair Update

I have been growing out my pixie crop for the last 17 weeks & I will admit it has been a tough process. I am entering the awkward length where my initial thoughts almost everyday are 'what am I meant to do with this?!' This said I decided that the 17 week mark along with my university graduation on Friday a hair tidy up was necessary. 

There was too much weight on the top resulting in a mushroom-esque shape on my head & my mullet was slowly getting too long... time for a trim! So I toddled off down to my favourite hairdressers for a tidy up.

Compared with how my hair looked 17 weeks ago, my hair has grown a lot but there is still a long way to go... 

12 June 2013

14 Week Hair Update.

Growing out the pixie cut 

If you follow the blog you will know that I am currently in the process of growing out my super short pixie cut. (See the last two stages here) The simple reason being, I miss having hair to play about with! It has been 14 weeks since my last hair cut and my has grown - obviously! - quite a bit. It is getting there but it is a tricky little road to go down.

There are many obstacles on said road. Mullet being one. A fringe that is too short for the length of the rest of my hair. That's two. And finally having thick hair that builds up on the top of my head like a poorly chosen hat. All of these things I would like to keep to a minimum but I know that there will come a day when at least one will be bothering me. If it is all three then I am grabbing the clippers.

Apparently the first three months are the hardest so let us hope that soon it get's less bumpy... I will have a curly messy bob one day!

I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked to recently mostly due to a really random, heavy cold consisting of a chesty cough, blocked nose and sore head. Who gets a cold in June?!

11 June 2013

Music Musing.

What I'm listening to at the moment #1

Following my stinky cold & an over powering urge to nest I took myself off to my bed with my laptop in tow. Music - along with reading - helps me sleep something which I couldn't get enough of the past few days so of course I needed some new songs to get me through.

Lana Del Rey - Young & Beautiful

I first heard this when I went to see The Great Gatsby and being a Lana fan I had to download it! The song is beautiful both in the context of the film and out.  Easy to listen to and just beautiful really.

Jay Z - Izzo (H.O.V.A)

Another Gatsby music musing! I heard this in the film and was reminded of this one. How I forgot about it we will never know. Definitely a song of the summer now! You can't beat a bit of Jay Z when you're getting ready for a night out.

Paramore - Ain't it fun

Adding to my growing love for Paramore, Ain't it fun is an incredibly catchy song that is relevant to my life at the moment. ..Ain't it fun living in the real world ... No Haley, not so much!  This is another summer song for sure along with Still into you.

Passenger -Let her go

This has become so popular recently. I won't be one of those people that go 'Oh I heard that aggggessss ago' cause they get on my nerves but  whenever you heard this I am sure you will agree how perfect it is.

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines is just too catchy for its own good plus 3 charming men in suits (Well Pharell is in a suit of sorts?!) What isn't to love?! 

What are you all listening to at the moment?

6 June 2013


Four Random & Wonderful Years

Top left: 1st Year Top right: 2nd Year Bottom left: 3rd year Bottom right:4th year

When people tell you that University goes quickly & to really treasure the time - believe them! Uni, for me, is over after four interesting years. They definitely were some of the best years I've had. From random nights out to making new friends to getting involved with boys that were just not right for me resulting in some lessons learned. University was an adventure. One that I loved from start to finish.

As a person I changed a lot - physically and emotionally.  Although following four years, you wouldn't expect to be the same, would you?

Physically. I lost weight, cut off pretty much all my hair & adopted some more flattering apparel options. All of which have been positive steps in the forming of me. Emotionally, university allowed me to gain confidence that I wholly lacked in my previous formative years. As my very lovely dad reminds me "Remember, you're good!" He's right. I'm just as good as the next Tom, Dick and Harry. I just had to realise this little gem stone of information for myself. Confidence is an attractive quality. Believing in yourself is another. University definitely taught me this along with a mash of Marketing concepts!

It isn't all play at university remember, the aim of the game is to gain a degree at the end. That said, have fun too. Don't work yourself to the ground worrying about deadlines and grades. Let loose every now and then. You're only young once! Especially if you choose to attend uni in a city that is not your home stomping ground - as I did. Explore this new landscape of clubs, pubs, shops, cafes, museums. Trust me you will find the best places when you wander.

I loved university. I met people that I don't know what I would do without and I have found a city that I love beyond belief. I love this city so much I am staying on here following graduation in a lovely adult-y flat with a university friend! 

I wasn't going to include pictures through the years but I had to! It would be nothing without them. I apologies for the lack of nice photographs...

5 June 2013


Ch Ch Ch Changes 

So things on here are changing a little bitty. Nothing major. I am simply making the decision - one which I have been debating a lot recently - to change Erratic Glamour to Erratic Thoughts. I love fashion, this will never change, however there is more to me than my love of clothes. For a while now I have been itching to blog about other things. Things like food, music, books, my life! I am still planning to drop the old post about what I am donning clothes wise but I will be posting about other things too.

Erratic Thoughts is becoming my little corner of cyber space to detail my thoughts at that moment in time. Expect moans and groans along the way! Hey, if that is how I am feeling that is how I am feeling!

Happy Wednesday!

4 June 2013

Yet again hair lusting.

Ah Nicole Richie and your perfect hair. Is there no style this fashionable lady can't pull off?! This perfect fringed long bob  plays to all my senses. It is just too perfect for words!

28 May 2013

Roaring 20s

It seems like the 20s has had a bit of a revival recently with the release of The Great Gatsby this month and an array of curly bobs creeping up on the heads of more and more female fashionistas and celebrities this is something that excites me beyond belief. I love the 20s. The fashion, the make up, the bobs...

                                                               The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

                                                                 Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby 

 As you may or may not know I am growing out my super short pixie crop and the main aim is a messy curly bob. A small attempt to channel my inner 20s flapper girl! I love the look of a messy curl bob. Enough to hair to play around with but still not masses of long, long hair.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zpsacedefbc.jpg
                                                            All pictures from Pinterest 

Has anyone seen The Great Gatsby yet? I think I might be seeing it tonight hopefully. I am so excited to see it especially seen as it is one of my favourite books and it features the 20s! Perfect movie for me really!