31 January 2013

Black velvet

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Finally I am back with a post featuring pictures I actually took! Life just got busy recently and blogging fell to the bottom of the list for a little while.

On Tuesday night I went to see Paloma Faith which was amazing. Her voice is unbelievable. Truly truly stunning. I wanted to get a little dressed up, it is Paloma Faith after all, but not overly dressed up so I went for my Velvet suit. Caroline Flack suit is also another name for this one. I got the Zara Velvet blazer for Christmas  & the shorts in the Topshop sale. The quality in the velvet differs greatly but to the eye you can't tell at all. With a simple black cami from ASOS, some New Look shoe boots & my little Topshop bag I was good to go. If you ever get the chance to see Paloma Faith live GO!


30 January 2013

Some shoes

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. I love them.

I have quite a good sized shoe collection, nothing crazy but I am quite product of the pairs I have gathered over the years. I figured I might as well show off a few of my *favourites* - they are all my favourites really - pairs that probably deserve to be worn a little more than they are...

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zps12064ad7.jpg 
Rose Gold pointed heels Topshop Sale
Black Zara Hells
Black flower detail Dorothy Perkins Heels
Glitter heels from Schuh - this photo doesn't pick up the sparkle at all.
Leopard print heels - Dorothy Perkins sale


27 January 2013

Sunday Diary #8

1. This has been a funny week. I had 2 dates with a boy that were good dates but it just wasn't there. You know what I mean, no sparks. I just wasn't into it & since admitting that I don't want to be in a relationship, I feel so much better.

2. I am still to properly to start my dissertation ... eek! Library day tomorrow! Once I get started it will be fine, it is just getting started.

3. Expect more blogging. I fell out of the habit of blogging & have missed sitting down, writing a post & publishing it. Outfits galore here we come! ha!

4. I had yet another top Saturday night out, danced the night away. It was just so good! I think I am one of those people that live for the weekend these days.

26 January 2013

Style Crush #23

I took notice of this day when I saw Josie Loves Shoes post about her style & the love affair began! Donna Wallace is Elle UK's Accessories Editor which obviously means this lady is an eye for the pretty things in life. So here are a few of my favourite looks ...

All images from Google Images.

20 January 2013

Sunday Diary #7

1. It is safe to say that I whole heart-idly fail at doing these weekly! I normally work a Sunday so by the time I get home, I have completely forgotten to do it but this week I am forcing myself into doing it! I want to try & make myself do them every week as it is a nice way to catch up with everything.

2. Classes start back at uni on Tuesday... 2nd semester 4th year. Eek! I can't believe how fast these 4 years have gone, it is crazy! This semester is going to be mad crazy but it will all be worth it in the end - I hope. Speaking of uni work, if you are willing to do a short online interview/focus group with me on fashion blogging then that would be massively massively appreciated as it is my dissertation topic! More to come on this soon.

3.  Music of the week has to be ... Jessie Ware! If you follow me on Twitter then you will have seen my Tweets about this lady & her new album. It is just perfection. Perfect listening. Now all I need to do is find a friend that likes her & make them come to her gig with me!

4. I went bowling on Friday night, the first time in years & it was so much fun! I'm not brilliant at it but it was fun so who cares... haha. Also had a beasting  night out last night. I totally live for the weekend.

17 January 2013

Style Crush #22

Jessie Ware. If you haven't heard her songs, go now! I will let you off this post just for that fact. She is an amazingly talented singer that has a keen eye for earrings, black & crop tops! Winning. Since listening to her new album & doing a little bit of research into who she is I am fallen right into girl crush territory.  Love love love!

14 January 2013


I mostly focus on fashion on Erratic Glamour but I buy & try a fair amount of beauty products so I thought I would keep a few empties each month - not the boring every day stuff like deodorant etc - and talk about how I found them. So here goes!

Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Toner 
This is the Rose extract version which is specifically for dry skin something which I have struggled with for as long as I can remember ... boo hoo! I really love this range as it removes all my make up quickly & gives my skin a nice clean feeling without leaving a heavy residue plus it couldn't be anymore readily available really, from Boots to your local Tesco stock this range so easy to get hold of as well as being affordable. Once my Olay products run dry I will definitely be looking to this once again.

Clinique High Impact Mascara 
My Granny gave me this sample sized Clinique mascara when I was home over Christmas & of course I used it religiously so this little tube of loveliness dry. I would 100% consider buying a full size tube of this when my Faux Cils runs out as it gives a lovely long, full look to the lashes without being clumpy. Winning.

Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Magnolia Shower Cream 
 This stuff is my favourite scent ever. It is floral without being too much & is a really nice moisturising product.  I got this in a set with some talcum powder - love this too - and some bubble bath. I am 100% going to repurchase this as I can see no flaws with it at all. It is just my favourite!

Boots Botanics Hydrating day cream All bright with SPF 15
Another buy it on a whim product that turns out to be something I really, really love. I bought this when it was on offer (I think the range is still on offer) as I needed a new face cream. This gives all day mositure while adding a subtle, healthy glow. I am really enjoying the Botanics products now after the re-brand they had not so long ago.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body butter
I love these body butters regardless but sweet lemon was a new scent for me, I normally stick to the shea butter what a bore! This was a nice surprise, it isn't overly powerful scent wise & does the job perfectly. I can't complain about this one either. If I ever feel adventurous again in terms of body moisturiser scents then sweet lemon will get a look in!

A few, well actually, all these products I would buy again for sure.

12 January 2013

Check it

As of recent, something has changed in my mind in that I now realise baggy clothes do little to nothing for my figure. I have boobs - not massively huge ones but they aren't fried eggs either - and I have a noticeable bump in the trunk, which I should add I am a great fan of when I workout. Squats and bum exercises are my friend. This said, I am making a conscious effort to wear clothes that don't drown me & make me look shapeless!

These bea-utiful checked trousers were a Christmas present from my big brother & I love them. I lusted after them for so long that when I finally got them I squealed with joy. They are texture - winning - and super duper stretchy - winning, yet again - making them not only eye & touch friendly but they are wearer friendly as well. What more can a girl ask for really! I should have worn them with my boots however I mean who decides to wear bare feet & pumps in January!

Trousers & Faux gur gilet - Topshop
Top & bracelet - H&M
Shoes - Marks & Spencers

10 January 2013

Style Crush #21

Nicola Roberts has blossomed into a style icon in the last few years, the ugly duckling - not that she even came close to ugly before - has well & truly become the beautiful swan. Her style has evolved to make her a stylish, chic lady.  For these reasons Ms Roberts is this weeks Style Crush!

2 January 2013

Black Velvet

This New Years Eve was the first one in ages that I have actually done something for it so obviously I meticulously planned my outfit then changed it completely at the last minute. Standard.  I had planned on wearing these Topshop trousers - link - but changed to my disco pants at the last minute teamed with my Zara velvet blazer - link - Zara heels and a cream camisole from River Island. Added some mahoosive Topshop earrings & an orange clutch and off I went into 2013! 

I am on the hunt for some tartan trousers, anyone seen any nice ones that aren't a fortune?

1 January 2013

Here's to new beginnings!

Happy New Year!

I am so excited for this new year, I want it to be amazing. I want to actually achieve something so here's to the new year. I hope everyone had a good night & have an amazing year. x