14 January 2013


I mostly focus on fashion on Erratic Glamour but I buy & try a fair amount of beauty products so I thought I would keep a few empties each month - not the boring every day stuff like deodorant etc - and talk about how I found them. So here goes!

Garnier Soft Essentials Comforting Toner 
This is the Rose extract version which is specifically for dry skin something which I have struggled with for as long as I can remember ... boo hoo! I really love this range as it removes all my make up quickly & gives my skin a nice clean feeling without leaving a heavy residue plus it couldn't be anymore readily available really, from Boots to your local Tesco stock this range so easy to get hold of as well as being affordable. Once my Olay products run dry I will definitely be looking to this once again.

Clinique High Impact Mascara 
My Granny gave me this sample sized Clinique mascara when I was home over Christmas & of course I used it religiously so this little tube of loveliness dry. I would 100% consider buying a full size tube of this when my Faux Cils runs out as it gives a lovely long, full look to the lashes without being clumpy. Winning.

Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Magnolia Shower Cream 
 This stuff is my favourite scent ever. It is floral without being too much & is a really nice moisturising product.  I got this in a set with some talcum powder - love this too - and some bubble bath. I am 100% going to repurchase this as I can see no flaws with it at all. It is just my favourite!

Boots Botanics Hydrating day cream All bright with SPF 15
Another buy it on a whim product that turns out to be something I really, really love. I bought this when it was on offer (I think the range is still on offer) as I needed a new face cream. This gives all day mositure while adding a subtle, healthy glow. I am really enjoying the Botanics products now after the re-brand they had not so long ago.

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Body butter
I love these body butters regardless but sweet lemon was a new scent for me, I normally stick to the shea butter what a bore! This was a nice surprise, it isn't overly powerful scent wise & does the job perfectly. I can't complain about this one either. If I ever feel adventurous again in terms of body moisturiser scents then sweet lemon will get a look in!

A few, well actually, all these products I would buy again for sure.


  1. I love body butter from The Bodyshop. I can't say that I have tried the lemon one but I love the Brazil Nut smell xx


    1. I like that smell too, I need to be more adventurous with the ones I buy :p x

  2. I also love The Body Shop's body butters! They're the best body moisturisers for sure, this lemon one would be great for keeping the mossies at bay when on holiday!

    The Style Rawr!

    1. Oh yeah, they're the best. Didn't think of that! x

  3. I bought the Botanics day cream on a whim too, I was drawn in by the mattifying one and the fact that it had SPF too. It's super! I've re-purchased it and it has seemed to be on offer for quite a while now..long may it stay that way!! ^.^


    1. It always seems to have money off, very tempted to try the whole range! x