27 February 2013


I have seen the 25 facts post on a few blogs recently so I figured I might as well par-take in this post craze. Why the hell not?!

1. At 23, I feel less of an adult than I did at 20.
2. My favourite colour is orange.
3. I had/pined for long hair all my life then in May 2010 I cut off my hair & never looked back.
4. I feel way more feminine & confident with short hair than I ever did with long hair.
5. I have never been in love.

6. My mum & dad are so supportive - I love them dearly.
7. I love a night out!
8. I spend way too much time was trashy TV.
9. I don't have a lot of friends but I value the ones I do.
10. I am 5'8.

11. Hugh Jackman is my all time crush.
12. I'm very quiet with people till I know them then I am noisy as anything.
13. Crime & Classic novels are my favourite.
14. I haven't told any of my friends that I blog.
15. I am obsessed with what I eat.

16. Old films are my favourite.
17. I have along standing daydream of moving to Paris & falling in love with a handsome Parisian man. Think Louis Jordan *sigh*
18. I grew up on a farm.
19. I have a strange like of bums!

20. Sometimes the unknown nature of next year excites me, other times it sends me into a panic spiral.
21. I have a teddy sitting next to my bed called Roger. Legend.
22. I buy Elle Magazine every month.
23. Dancing around to loud music in my pants & tshirt in my bedroom makes me happy.
24. I have one regret in life.
25. The texture of bananas grosses me out beyond belief.


  1. Haha! Brilliant post! You sound so lovely! Love reading random facts on people :) I'm with you on loads of points. OMG bananas! Brrrr! Xoxo Marina

    1. haha thanks :) Bananas are disgusting! :P x

  2. haa ace facts! Just about giving up hope of my locks ever growing mabs I should follow your steps and chop em off! xxoxoxo


    1. Go for it! Best thing I've ever done x