18 February 2013

Sundary Diary #11

 *Image from Pinterest

 Sundary Diary on a Monday again but I was too tired last night from my Saturday night partying & work yesterday so I'm afraid Sunday Diary on a Monday is what it has to be...

1. I went to the theatre this week to see a Agathe Christie adaptation which was really good. I love the theatre & really don't go enough, you can't beat a good play or musical.

2. I still have not made any progress with my wedding outfit... eventually I'll get round to it. I am now considerably entering the layer that is Armstrong Edinburgh to see if my imagined sequined full length brightly coloured dress is there. A girl can dream!

3. Short hair is my thing, this week I've been lusting over Mia Farrows. She just looks so good with it. I love short hair on women - maybe a bit biased on this one being a major fan...

4. I am in a major debate whether to apply for other jobs... I'm scared I'll miss my old job & really hate the new environment but I need to leave my job soon anyway, I graduate soon. Que life changing, getting scared freak out...


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