8 February 2013

Wedding Planning

My friend is getting married on the 29th of March, I thought it was the 29th of April but that is by-the-by, que panic. I don't want to go crazy buying  a whole new outfit, as much as I would love too but there are so many pieces I've bought & never worn so I picked two that will form the start of my wedding outfit. My Zara Velvet dinner jacket & my Rose gold Topshop heels - never worn...

The shoes have been waiting for their premiere into the world since last summer so I think now is the time. I am thinking either black tuxedo pants or a nice bright printed pair with a cream camisole, sparkly bag & possibly some earrings. What would you wear them with? What would you wear to a wedding?


  1. That velvet jacket is absolutely beautiful! xx

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