13 March 2013

Red velvet.

I bought this red velvet dress from ASOS marketplace on a total whim. I cannot give you one solid reason as to why I bought it. Not a single one. However I think styled up properly, it has serious potential to be a nice day or night dress. I think I need a thicker belt with it but for now this studded belt from Zara sale a few summers back works pretty well. The dress is a flattering cut if a little short but that's nothing that a pair of tights can't fix.  Plus it is velvet, who doesn't love velvet?!


  1. Oh I love it! It suits you, really! :D
    You're totally right, I could be both!
    While you're reading this, mind checking out my blog? There'll be a new (!) post by tomorrow but you can still read/check out other posts!
    Just a suggestion ;-)
    Love yours,
    your fab follower, J.