3 March 2013

Sunday Diary #13

1. Another week another moan about working in retail. This week, a woman I had said nothing to & was simply trying to help told me to f*ck off & that this was f*cking ridiculous! Then told my Manager what I said was so bad it could not be repeated! Lies! Some people in this world are right nutcases!

2. In other more cheerful news, how nice has the weather been. Springtime is that you? I love Spring, March-May are my favourite months. I got to rock my new sunnies for the 1st time on Friday, this made me eternally happy.

3. I am off work this weekend - yay! - so I am having a lazy Sunday. Hence the photograph. Sometimes a lazy day is what is needed. Tomorrow my goal is to start running. I couldn't afford the gym anymore so I quit with the idea of taking up running but excuses come all too easily... tomorrow I will start. No matter how stupid I feel/look.

4.  I am doing fashion blogging as part of my dissertation topic so probably - hopefully - this week I will be starting my research. 4th year is heaps of work. HEAPS.

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  1. heyy! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, please check it out. :