11 March 2013

Sunday Diary #14

*Picture from Pinterest

1. Late again with this one... oops. I have an excuse, it is my normal standard excuse - I was hungover, very sleepy & couldn't bring myself to bash away at my little laptop to write this up but I am doing it Monday morning. It is becoming a habit...

2. Last week was a crazy crazy busy week hence no posting. After this week I will have 2 final assessments done so hopefully things should quieten down a little for a week or so. Maybe, please?! Speaking of uni work if you have a free 2minutes please fill out my short survey for my dissertation on fashion blogging: SURVEY also if you would be interested to do a short interview by email drop me a comment & we can sort something out.

3.  Criminal Minds might actually be my new favourite program. I love anything murder mystery-esque and this just plays on all my loves.  Perfect for my Snow Day today. Any excuse.

4. I love this picture. Such a perfect pass time... *sigh*


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