9 May 2013

Red hair.

 I at some point this week decided that I wanted red hair. So I impulsively bought a L'loreal Feria dye and some John Freida red shampoo and conditioner and now have red hair!! I am still getting use to it and am not 100% sure I like it but we will see.
 photo IMG_4558_zps6ee8e0d3.png

 photo IMG_4559_zps28fb77c0.png

 I just feel like none of my make up goes - in particular lipstick. What colour of bright lipstick would you wear? Help! Also I think a need to fake tan a little. I was planning on stripping it out but it will fade quickly, red always does... 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. I love red hair! Looks great! I had mine red a few years ago! Only problem is its quite high maintenance but it looks wicked! :)

    1. I'm currently umming and ahhing over whether to strip it out. Lipsticks jsut seem to clash with it x

  2. I love your new red hair! I often do that, I just get bored of my hair and go red!xD As a person that's probably had every type of red hair that exists I can tell you that all colours fit, but coraly-orange ones! As Lady Gaga would say, be your hair! Go crazy, try out colours! xx


  3. Your hair is amazing! I cut mine into a short bob but I'm debating whether I should go for a pixie next time. It suits you so well!

    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award - you can check out the details in my latest post! xx