28 May 2013

Roaring 20s

It seems like the 20s has had a bit of a revival recently with the release of The Great Gatsby this month and an array of curly bobs creeping up on the heads of more and more female fashionistas and celebrities this is something that excites me beyond belief. I love the 20s. The fashion, the make up, the bobs...

                                                               The Great Gatsby Movie Poster

                                                                 Carey Mulligan as Daisy in The Great Gatsby 

 As you may or may not know I am growing out my super short pixie crop and the main aim is a messy curly bob. A small attempt to channel my inner 20s flapper girl! I love the look of a messy curl bob. Enough to hair to play around with but still not masses of long, long hair.

 photo PicMonkeyCollage-1_zpsacedefbc.jpg
                                                            All pictures from Pinterest 

Has anyone seen The Great Gatsby yet? I think I might be seeing it tonight hopefully. I am so excited to see it especially seen as it is one of my favourite books and it features the 20s! Perfect movie for me really! 


  1. The 20/30's are my favourite eras for the glamour and style. That's why I love Bugsy Malone so much. I'm hopefully seeing the film this weekend and I can't wait!

    1. me too, so glamorous! I need to watch Bugsy Malone! x

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