5 May 2013

Sunday Diary #17

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Repping Paloma Faith before I get started on some uni work...

1. The end of uni is so very close. One more hand in & I am done! The excitement of what is to come is almost too much to take, I love change and new opportunities. Lets see what happens from now...

2. Growing out a pixie cut is a long, painful process - and I'm not far along the process. Everytime I tell people I tell people what I am planning they say "Noooo, don't do it!" I just want a nice little messy bob. All I am asking for!

3. I am still so into working out. I love doing at least a little bit of toning 6 days a week if I can't manage a whole workout. I have realised that I don't have to be overly obsessive about it however. It is okay to let loose a little & just do some extra work in my next workout!

4.I am considering giving up fake tan again partly because I watched Emma Pickles on Youtube and she looks so amazingly beautiful with her pale skin! Watch this space to see if it actually happens. Also go check out Emma Pickles, she is such a talented make up artist!

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  1. That Paloma Faith T-shirt is <3