26 May 2013

Sunday Diary #19

1. Edinburgh is a beautiful city nonetheless but in the sun she really glows. All the colours of the buildings come out & it is just a beautiful place to be. I've been here 4 years in September and I am so happy and content here. Definitely a second home!

2. There is something about summery weather & Lana Del Rey. The two just go hand in hand perfectly. I can never get bored of her music. Or the sunny weather for that matter...

3.  Charity book shops are like a creche for me. Drop me off there go do your thing chances are I'll still be there perusing the shelves. This week I found the ultimate charity bookshop in Stockbridge. It was so good I had to talk myself out of a number of books and limit myself to just three...

4. Growing a pixie cut is still a pain staking process. It is  getting there ... sort of ... it is longer than it was before (Obviously) but it still isn't where I want it to be! Come on roaring 20s wavy bob.

Happy Sunday! I'm off to enjoy my first Sunday off in ages


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