15 July 2013

Getting to know me.

Fifty facts 
I like to feel like I sort of know the bloggers who take time to post not for any particular reason probably because I am a tiny touch nosey... So I thought I would tell you fifty facts about myself! 

 1. I have never been in love

2.  Reading is one of my favourite things to do

3. I can get very jealous -  quite easily 

4. If I have a crush on someone I can't make the "move" because then they will know I like them. No logic in that one...

5. I am incredibly close to my family

6. I have an Honours degree

7. My favourite colour is orange

8. I'm from Glasgow

9. But live in Edinburgh

10. I am obsessed with the 1920s 

11. I love love love fake tan

12. I've never had a serious boyfriend

13. In my teens I was quite over weight

14. I started working out & eating better and now it is a huge part of my life

15. Living in Paris is a life goal of mine

16. I have a few close friends that I value greatly

17. I find it hard to show my feelings

18. Laughter is the way to my heart

19.Hugh Jackman is my one true love

20. Crime, detective novels and TV programmes are some of my favourite 

21. I have very eclectic music taste

22. I have a thing for a nice bum. Muscely, toned bums are good!

23. The best thing I ever did for myself was cutting my hair into a pixie crop

24. My dog, George is such a wee lad. I love him

25. Shoes make me happy

26. I have never worn or owned a bikini

27. I am a morning person

28. Dancing about my room to music is one of my favourite things to do when I'm bored

29. I saw Paloma Faith live this year but got too hot half way through and fainted!

30.  I love musicals

31. I love to cook

32. I detest scented candles

33. Being bought a single red rose was the most romantic thing anyone has done for me (Sadly the relationship didn't last)

34. I am a firm believer in fate - if it is meant to happen then it will

35. I don't drink fizzy juice unless it is lemonade & I'm on the Blueberry vodders!

36. Audrey Hepburn films are some of my favourites

37. I love Tudor documentaries/TV series

38. I love to write particularly short stories

39. Moving to a new city for university was the best decision I've ever made

40. I have one regret in life

41. Poetry does nothing for me

42. I am a dreamer

43. I grew up on a farm

44. Cacti are my favourite plants

45. Summer is my favourite season

46. Manner costs nothing. I always try to be as polite as possible

47. I've worked in retail since I was 17

48. Cheese is my cheat food

49. I worry too much

50.  I'm excited for the future

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  1. you are a true, you live in true
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