19 August 2013

Growing out a pixie: Tips

On the 18th of March this year I decided that the time had come for me to bite the bullet & begin the long, laborious task that is growing out a pixie cut. If you have followed me for a while you will have been that my hair was super, super short for ages. To be honest, I didn't even realise how short it was until I looked back on it! I knew it would take a while to grow but now 5 months on my hair now has a little bit of length, I have a fringe & some length round my ears but it has been annoying getting to this stage - to say the least.

 18 of March 2013

Through the past 5 months I have hunted online for tips & tricks to assist me along my hair growth process but didn't find a huge amount of useful information so I figured a little list of tips to growing out a pixie might be helpful to those of you considering a pixie or growing out a pixie cut.

Tips for Growing out a Pixie Cut

1. Perseverance.
It is a long process & at stages you will think why am I doing this?! Keep going! The last thing you want to do is chop any growth you have achieved off because you don't like how it looks one day or it is annoying you. There will be days you absoultely hate your hair but just think of the end result.

I have attempted to grow out my hair a few times & always given up, headed to the hairdressers ending up back with my super short hair. You will only think 'Why didn't I keep going 3 months ago?! My hair would be so much longer now!'

2. Keep it Tidy.
You are growing your hair so why would you cut it, you ask. There will come a point when your hair will need a tidy up & given a bit of shape. For me this was around the 14 week mark. Partly due to my graduation being that week & I didn't want shapeless hair for my photos and partly due to my hair needing weight taken out of it & a little tidy up. Now in week 23, I am considering going for another little tidy up just to lose some weight & to get my 'mullet' tidied up.

3. Conditioning is Key.
Condition your hair as much as possible be it with a regular conditioner, a leave in conditioner or a conditioning mask. Slap it on! If your hair is in good condition then it is more likely to grow & will mean less trims of dead hair from the ends! An add benefit is of course that if it is in good condition then it won't be as annoying when it is in an awkward growing stage!

I haven't used any Hair Growth products such as the Lee Stafford or Mane & Tail simply because I don't believe that they will make my hair grow! I figure they will get my hair into a good condition but so will using regular conditioners & looking after my health.

4. Experiment. 
Dying your hair a different colour might be something you choose to do while growing out your pixie but be careful with this one. Too many chemicals could result in the condition of your hair lagging... Wash out dye are an option if you fancy a little change.

I hadn't seen my natural hair colour for years so for me this process allowed me to let that come back & to be honest I love my natural colour! Why I dyed over it for so many years is beyond me!

5. Hairdresser Plan.
With my Hair Stylist we have a little plan in our minds. We know my end hair goal, she knows where I started & each stage that I will have to go through to get to the fore mentioned end goal. This way when I go for a tidy up, she won't get scissor happy & leave me with a new pixie cut...

6. Vitamins & Diet. 
Eating well will not only benefit your hair but  of your skin & general health - nothing bad about that, now is there?! Keeping yourself full of nutrients that benefit the body won't do you any harm nor will it halt the process of hair growth. You want healthy, strong hair so make the rest of your body the same!

I have been taking a Vitamin B supplement over the past few months simply because it has hair benefits along with a Vitamin E supplement. E is good for your skin & I have really noticed a difference in my skin & the softness of my hair.

Do a little research into what you want from your Vitamin supplements.

7. Be Patient.
Patience is key. It will not happen over night, you will need to focus on the end goal & just give your hair sometime to work its magic! You will get there eventually.

Happy Hair Growing! x


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