9 September 2013

26 Week Pixie Update.

So this 26 week pixie growing mark has come & gone. This Monday saw my hair reach 26 weeks of growth, 6 month! Looking back over my hair the last few months, I cannot believe how short my hair was but it has definitely got some length to it. I had a little 'I hate my hair why isn't it long' moment at the weekend but I just have to keep telling myself eventually it will how I long for it to be... *sigh*

The length still isn't at the right place to be worn out from out from my ears but not long hopefully. A little faked up do might come soon too... I think I need to go for a mullet trim & a little bit of the weight taken off from the top. I'm so excited for my messy, curly bob! I have noticed a big difference in my hair since I started taking Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin E again. Whether they are helping or it is in my head who knows...

I am going to get a little tidy up on Wednesday at the hair dressers, my mullet is getting a little unruly & some weight needs taken off the top then I think I will be content with continuing with the growing.

Happy Monday!


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