28 September 2013

Everyday Face: Made Up #3: Back to black

Natural make up was the look of choice the past few weeks for a number of reason but being a black eyeliner fan - a very big one at that - of course there would come a day when I missed the smudgy, messy look that I ran to everyday for the past few years.

This look is my no means as heavy as my previous black eyeliner look, it is still black & probably a little much for daytime but I love it too much!  One thing I am taking from my venture into more natural make up is keeping my base simple. I will no doubt still sway to a natural look every now and again but today black eyeliner was a must.

I love how dark eyes look with pale skin. There isn't one particular reason that I can put my thumb on. I just love it especially with a little bronzer as a contour & a touch of highlighter. Perfect look. 

Bourjois Healthy Mix Radiance Reveal in Shade 51
Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer in Shade51
MAC Eyeshadows in Paridisco & Gleam -as highlighter & blush
Rimmel Sun Shimmer in Medium shimmer as a light contour

Sleek  Eau La La Liner in Black
Rimmel Black eyeshadow
MUA Undressed Palette used to fill in eyebrows

Boots Eyelash Curlers

Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight 


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