20 November 2013

Being an avid black liner fan I am always on the look out for a new product that will provide the smudgy, smokey look the so desire. While browsing the make up stands in Superdrug I found my at the Rimmel stand - not a stand I found myself at all too often but I was there so I figured I would have a little rummage around to see what I could find. On my rummage I came across the Scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal. At first I was dubious, waterproof products and myself don't always get on but for £3.99 I figured what the heck!

My first impressions of this eyeliner are all raving reviews. This product is amazing. Smooth, creamy with intensity in the colour. It doesn't smudge or fade although a little top up through out the day is always nice to freshen up the look. I like to smudge out my liner with a black eyeshadow and angled brush which compliments this eye liner perfectly. For £3.99 it is definitely worth having a look at if you enjoy an intense black liner. Amazing product. Probably one of my favourites of the 2013... Sweeping statement...

Happy Wednesday


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