12 November 2013

Skincare: Back to Basics

Following a rather nasty eczema break out - is that the right term?!- on my eyelids & top lip, think swollen, puffy eyelids that were bright red & a crusty top lip, I had to re-evaluate my skin routine. What I was using clearly wasn't beneficial to my skin.

The suspect being Garnier Soft Essentials Complete Cleanser for Dry Skin. I know what you are thinking, it is for dry skin so how did it make you skin more dry?! That I do not know. Removing make up with this cleanser night after night left me dry and flaky with a nasty bout of eczema. Action has to be taken as my skin was painful not mention I looked less than alluring...

Following a trip the the Pharmacy to get some strong cream for my eyelids, I embarked on a skin mositurising spree. I wanted to keep everything simple. I thought on it for a while & did a little research into products eventually settling for a few products aimed at babies & rich creams to keep my face hydrated.

Once my breakout finally calmed I decided to have a route around for some new products to aid in removing my makeup. As a first cleanse I like to use baby lotion. If it is sensitive enough for baby skin then it must be sensitive enough for my sand paper skin. It works at treat as a initial cleanse which I then follow up with the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. I like to use this with a face cloth rather than the cheap cloth that comes with the product. This product is amazing and a total steal. It cleanses the skin while giving it a wee bit of TLC without a hefty price tag attached - smells gorgeous too! This is followed by a rinse with some spot fighting facial wash depending on the condition of my skin. Normally I reach for the Neutrogena 2 in 1 Wash & Mask.

What are your core skincare products?


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