11 November 2013

You Are Now An Adult.

As of June 2013, I am a graduate. I have the letter BA(Hons) after my name. Once the expected high of said event had worn off and several hours of applying for jobs, phone interviews (the bane of my life), actual interviews and waiting around for the rejection became my reality I realised that looking for that perfect graduate job isn’t actually much – if any – fun.

The job market is a toughie. Of course people have a better degree result, have done more extra curricular activity than you have but there has to be a light at the end of the tunnel somewhere… right?! Saying this I have compiled a short list of some of the most annoying things that have come to my attention since entering the ever exciting & time consuming world that is job hunting,

Number 1:
Places not getting back to you post interview if you haven’t been successful. It is just good manners. And they cost nothing!

Number 2:
Places not even acknowledging your existence when you do apply for a job. Again, good manners. A basic email that everyone gets, saying thank you for your application. Not difficult.

Number 3:
“You are the perfect candidate for this role but you don’t have enough industry experience I’m afraid” HOW AM I GOING TO GAIN SAID EXPERIENCE IF YOU WON’T GIVE ME A ROLE?! (This could possibly be the most annoying one of all.)

Number 4:
Interview stages that looks a little something like this ….
One- phone interview
Two – Interview with Team Leader
Three – Interview with HR & another Team Leader
Four – Short presentation
Five – Interview with Managing Director
After these 5 repetitive & mind numbingly dull interview you might get the job or you might be rejected at stage 3…

Number 5:
Employment Agencies. Sure they are doing they’re job and getting you interview but a twist of the truth about what the job actually is or entails benefits no party. Neither does a fancied up job title which in essence is a cold calling, sales job.

Number 6:
Offices being so difficult to find you end up in either a housing estate or an industrial estate with the word FEAR printed in invisible ink across your forehead. (This has happened to many times to me!)

So that is just 6 of the most annoying things I have observed and experienced through these past 5ish months of being a graduate. Worst comes to worst, I am going to make myself off to a busy spot off in this fair (adopted) city of mine with a rather charming Hire Me! sign around my neck. Needs must & all that!


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