9 December 2013

Beauty: Feeling Fragrant.

Through out my teens fragrances were never something I was drawn to. I was all about make up products, fake tan and hair styles. Recently this has changed, possibly more I have changed?! I am still a massive make up product fiend and do enjoy a hairstyle or two, fake tan not so much anymore. This being said, there was a gap in my product loving subconscious which ultimately resulted in a brief fling with a fragrance being rekindled.

I was given a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique X for my 21st Birthday from my older brother, a scent I ultimately couldn't get enough of. Following using up my bottle, it didn't occur to me to repurchase. The fragrance itself is beautiful. Very fresh with hints of orange, vanilla, bergamot and mandarin.

Scents need to be light and fresh or we will not get on. Heavy, strong scents lead to migraines for me therefore a light scent is my only option. Classique X is exactly that. I recently repurchased a 100ml bottle from Cheap Smells as I had a little tester of this and when I wore it I got lots of 'Oo don't you smell nice' compliments. Sure sign, it is a good fragrance.

What is your go to fragrance?


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