8 December 2013

Life: Six for Sunday.

Posts keeping readers up to date with the bloggers daily grind are a favourite read of mine. I feel it gives the blog a little personality & you almost get some what of an insight into what the writer is up to other than blogging about their favourite foundation or their outfit for the day. Of course this got me thinking about how I was going to do this & the cheeky little post of Six for Sunday was born.

Six for Sunday is basically going to be Six things about the week past. Six activities, six things I've learnt, bought, thought... you catch my drift. So here goes!

1. This week it has felt like all I've done is work. Very much looking forward to a little break for three days over Christmas to see my family especially as I've been missing my lovely mum quite a lot today. I actually can't believe how close Christmas is now!

2. Giving Erratic Glamour a little bit of a face lift over the last week and a half has really awoken my love my blogging again. I totally fell out of it the last few months for some reason. Expect more!

3. While chatting to my lovely flatmate this week, we realised just how much has changed in a year, also how big a year 2013 has been for us. This time last year we hadn't even started writing our under graduate dissertations now we have graduated and are basically full blown adults minus the maturity possibly.

4. After getting a little tidy up on my very odd hair shape this week, I cannot wait for my front layers to drop so I can have a little bob on the go. Compared to this time last year - back to reminiscing - my hair has come quite a way.

5. Being a murder mystery super fan, the discovery of The Mentalist this week was definitely a high point. I just cannot get enough. Plus Patrick dresses insanely well and is a looker... No complaints.

6. Not sleeping enough, eating poorly and doing little to no exercise is definitely taking its toll on me. I feel sluggish, emotional and generally blah so this coming week I am trying to improve on all accounts.

Happy Sunday!


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