20 January 2014

Fashion: Leather trousers

Recently I feel like I've had a sudden burst of fashion inspiration. Resulting in many an hour spent scrolling through Pinterest - emmafisk89, if you're on there - searching out new bits to add to my wish list.

Leather trousers have been dancing about in my sub concious this past few days. I have two dream outfits: super casual maybe with a checked flannel and velvet slippers or dressed up, rose gold pointy toe shoes with gold chunky jewellery and a black vest top or oversized t-shirt. 

Pinterest, naturally, had endless pictures that I loved but instead of drowning you in leather, I figured three of my favourites was enough. 

Both the perfect mix of casual and dressy without one suffocating the other. I would 100% wear either of these during the day or probably for dinner and drinks with tha gal pals. 

A little more dressy, this one is probably a bit more fancy drinks/dinner possibly ending up with a bit of twerking on a dance floor somewhere... 

Leather trousers are on my buy list - we all have one - simply because I think they would make an interesting and useful addition to my black trouser collection. I'm thinking Zara will probably be a good shout to ind a good pair of affordable leather trousers. 


  1. I LOVE these! I got the Molly leather look jeggings from River Island and they are surprisingly comfortable and easy to style, I always find it tricky to get a good jacket though, I'm so attached to leather jacket I end up looking a bit leather obsessed, not good.

    Grace x

    1. I love the Molly style from River Island! They are like the perfect trousers ever haha x