5 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

                                                Charlotte Square- Edinburgh 

1. 2014 was brought in quietly - very quietly actually as I was asleep long before midnight - but due to a rather nasty infection going out and seeing the New Year in with my friends just wasn't going to happen. Instead I spent New Years Day with my parents, dog and my book! It was actually really lovely. 

2. Edinburgh has adopted me. I came here 4, nearly 5 years ago for University, and fell in love. To the extent that I stayed. My little Instagram snap of the Christmas tree in Charlotte Square is a fitting tribute to the beautiful city.

3. Erratic Glamour had herself a little make over this morning. Something about the old layout, I just didn't like so I re-did. New Year and all! 

4. My flatmate and I have decided to jazz up our living room a bit. Purely for the fact it is a bit plain. A few personal touches here and there to make it a bit more homely will pull it all together and I think probably make us want to spent most of our time in there. Ikea we're coming for you. 

5. Being a Jane Austen fan of course when I caught wind of the newest take on Pride and Prejudice I would have to snapple it up. And I did. Longbourn by Jo Baker is the 'behind the scenes' story if you like. It details the daily occurrences of the Servants while Lizzie is upstairs swooning over Darcy. So far I have been totally sucked in. 

6. Sherlock has returned to our screens *fan girl screams* I am a massive Sherlock fan. Every form of the man. Stories, films, TV programmes... The BBC adaptation is one of my favourites. Benedict Cumberbatch is just so good. Don't contact me from 8.30pm till 10pm tonight... episode 2 shall be getting devoured. 

Happy Sunday! 


  1. I hope you're feeling better now! Longbourn sounds really good, I'm a big Austen fan too xxx

    1. I am, thank you. It is a really good read, 100% recommend it x