12 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

1. It has been a funny week this one, busy but actually not that busy if that makes any sense. I was back to work after being off sick for a week.  The time off was necessary, I just wasn't well enough to be there and I am still in some pain due to it. Onwards and upwards.

2. Jobs have played a major role this week. I got offered a new role in work that be good experience on my CV, never a bad thing! Along with researching for interview prep and getting my head round more blog features.

3. Since I have been feeling better, I decided to undertake the 30 Day Squat Challenge again. I did this during my fitness phase of last Spring-Summer and really noticed a difference to my bottom and legs. As long as you stick to it, you will get through them.

4. In a low point of entertaining myself instead of doing my interview prep, I made myself a little Forever 21 order. Although, the ring packs I got are too small, the basic £3 tee I bought is perfect. Especially for £3, more coming my way very soon...

5. I am considering getting a fringe cut in. Purely to change up my hair a bit while it continues to grow out. I had a fringe years ago when my hair was long but who knows if this will actually happen!

6. Next week is yet another busy week for me. Interviews, work and I get my flatmate back on Monday night - Yay! I cannot wait to see her little face and catch up on all the pointless but very serious chatter we have.

Happy Sunday!


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