18 January 2014

Life: six for Sunday

This week has been a busy one and it is safe to say I am exhausted! One more 5.55am rise then a holiday! Without further adue here is this weeks six...

1. I finally bit the bullet and got my Tragus pierced! It wasn't nearly as painful as I thought and I love it. It's a bit tender just now but it's only been a day. 2014 is the year of yolo remember.

2. Of course a piercing requires post piercing pints! So myself and my chummy took ourselves for a few. Deep chatter, fits of giggles and too many snapchats. The lassies a gem!

3. Pretty interview view. Edinburgh is just such a gorgeous city even on a murky January day, the place is beautiful.

4. Laptop-less yet again. Apparently there is a problem with my hard drive?! Just something PC world may want I no, I I hand my laptop in in Thursday maybe make sure it is sent away before the following Wednesday... Not impressedz

5. This coming week I am taking a little trip to my mum and dad's. Yay! I can't wait to just chill for a week and catch up on some sleep. Bliss. 

6. Summer has featured heavily in my thoughts recently. Just hurry up! I wZnt some sunshine and that amazing summer feeling! 

Happy Sunday lovelies. 


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