26 January 2014

Life: Six for Sunday

. George . Night out face . Best phone case ever . Dull and dank Glasgow . Manic tweeting pre the call .

1. I had a very concise and well planned blogging calendar for this week but no laptop and a busy week meant I wasn't able to follow through. This might be one of the most annoying things especially when you have the blogging bug! I can post from my phone, it just isn't partixury good for seeing how a post looks on a computer screen. Fingers crossed, my laptop will be back with me Wednesday or Thursday...

2. This weeks been a big one, we'll start from Monday. On Monday, I got the phone call I had been waiting for, I only went and got te graduate job I applied for! I start a week on Monday so of course I had to get new bits for my dressy casual office. Naturally.

3. When I found out about the job I was at my mum and dad's house in Glasgow. I love going to home for a little break, cannot beat it. I got to spend time with my little dog, George and take him for walks in a very dull, dank Glasgow! 

4. Friday saw myself and my girls having a little night out. My first since October! Not a clue how that happened... I love getting dressed up, doing my make up and going out. Not a massive fan of getting wasted, not entirely worth it on my opinion. 

5. As my hair is getting longer, I am swinging between getting a fringe cut in or just letting my hair growth out all over and go from when I've got the length I want. Hmm tricky... 

6. How did I get to number six and forget to mention that obviously I have got a new job so naturally I am *finally* leaving the job that saw me through university. I wouldn't say I was very sad about it, I've wanted it to come for a while so onwards and upwards, I guess. 

Hopefully everyone has a lovely Sunday!


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