1 January 2014

Life: A - Z of 2013

2013 is drawing to a close & before long we will be welcoming in a whole new year of adventures, happenings & changes. As years go, this past year has been an eventful one for myself, many things have gone on which - looking back on - have mostly been good. With this thought in my head, I figured a post looking back over the year & what I've have achieved is fitting so here goes the A to Z of 2013! (minus a few letters...)

Adult - No longer a university student I guess I would now be classes as an adult. *sigh* I miss university life but it was never going to last forever & at the time it was pretty amazing.

 Books - University & Dissertation writing halted my love of reading & buying new books this year, I just didn't have the time. Once I got use to having some free time, my love for literature & the written word has been alighted once more.

Cooking - This year I discovered a love for find ingredients in the cupboard & make something tasty. I love this approach to cooking, you really do surprise yourself with what you can make with what is lying in your cupboard.

Dissertation - The dreaded Honors dissertation took over pretty much all to most of January to March but in the end I had produced a piece of work that I was incredibly proud of & that got me a mark I am happy with! Hard work pays off.

Eyeliner - During the summer I set down my eyeliner adopting a more natural look but of course that wouldn't last & normal eyeliner service was resumed by the Autumn!

Florist - While seeking full time work, I managed to pick up some extra hours at my current work as a Florist. Basically the only part of the job I enjoy is arranging the bouquets... It's a new skill, what can I say!

Graduation - June 2013 saw my Graduation ceremony. Being an individual that isn't overly enthused about situations putting me in the spot light, the over all day was nice & was a proud point in the year for me.

Healthy Outlook - The Spring & Summer was when this passion was at it's greatest height. I fell into a pattern of eating well & working out regularly. I felt amazing. The best I have felt possibly. 2014 is definitely going to see this resurrected, nothing feels as good as healthy feels

iPhone - August 2013. Emma meet iPhone. I am never going back. After Blackberry had a terrible meeting with the toilet a replacement was needed ASAP, centre stage iPhone!

Job Hunting - Proving difficult through out the latter half of the year, my dream job still hasn't presented itself. Sure, I was offered jobs but none of them were really what I wanted nor truly excited me. Hopefully 2014 will bring job in the job department.


Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Bard - Probably one of my favourite, if not my favourite book, that I have read in 2013. It involved everything I love; Paris, food, romance all merged together in a beautiful story that truly set the dreamer in me into a day dreaming frenzy!

Moving - University was finished. Students we were not therefore a student flat is no longer open to us. Myself & my roomie, Emma said farewell to our home of 2 years in the City Centre & took ourselves off to a gorgeous, more mature flat located in Morningside.

New Posion - Slightly cheating with this one ...but Gin was sampled this year & has become my drink of choice over vodders. Who would have thought I would give up that tipple for a new one!

Over weight or under weight - Growing up I was never happy with my weight but this year I've developed a healthy outlook to weight & have stopped obsessing about it as much. I want to be fit & healthy not a bag of  bones!

Pixie cut, no more - March 2013 was the month I decided I had had enough of my pixie cut for now & began the painfully slow & irritating process of growing it. Now 9 months on, it is getting there but it still has a little way to go before I get my messy, wavy bob I've barked on about for months...


Resolutions - Particularly in the past few weeks, I have been thinking of what my resolutions are for the New Year. I have a few ideas flying about in my head mostly based around job goals, wanting to learn French & wanting to travel more than I did in 2013. Also, to be a little more spontaneous with things, sometimes planning isn't necessary!

Story Writing - Growing up I was always scribbling down little stories & since finishing university this has become a nice little pass time of mine. I forgot how much I loved doing it!

Twenty Four - 2013 saw my 24th Birthday. Crazy times. Two months in I can't actually believe that I am 24!

University - As I've mentioned a few times before, 2013 saw the end of University life. I was sad about this but the time had to come. I am now just excited for what else is to come!

Valerie - Valerie is my mum. The woman is an amazing person who has always been there for me.

Watching - Again a bit of a cheat but February 2013 included a little trip to see Paloma Faith. She was so graceful, beautiful & truly amazing to see live. Next time she tours, I will be there.

X - This year I let go of a lot of horrible things that had gone on in the past. I completely cut people out of my life, no way to contact me & I am so much happier for it. I've moved on. Let the past, be the past.

Yolo - One thing I've realised in 2013 is that YOLO is relevant. I sense a theme for 2014...

Z'all the best for 2014! - Slight cop out but Z is a tricky letter. I hope everyone has an amazing New Year with lots of happy times!


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