26 February 2014

B O O K - R E V I E W : P A R I S - R E V E A L E D

Continuing with my book a month for 2014, February saw my literary senses being tingled by Stephen Clarke's Paris Revealed. After spotting the word Paris on the cover in a charity shop, I quickly snapped it up and skipped up the road to continue my love affair with the city of lights.

Each chapter details a different element of Parisian life from the Metro to water before a discussion on sex and ending with some detail on the apartments of Paris! Basically if you want a little bit of insight into the social history and the day to day happenings of the city - this is your friend.

Clarke has a dry sense of humour which I of course chuckled along too as well as his chatty nature which made you feel at ease and discussing the city with a friend assisting you in your move. Complete with photographs related to the chapter and a little bit of French thrown in here and there this book will make you want to up sticks and move to Paris, like I needed encouragement...

Other titles by the author include the non-fiction books 'A 100 Years of Annoying the French' and 'Talk to the Snail' along with a host of fiction. After reading Paris Revealed and enjoying it thoroughly from cover to cover, I am 100% going to research Clarke's other titles. I obviously need more French based books...

2/12 so far for my book every month in 2014. Good start I would say *pats self on the back* so Number 3 of this 12 part challenge  is Daphne Du Maurier 'Jamaica Inn'. A book described by Mama erratic glamour as a page turner that is written so well you feel the eerie, unsettled atmosphere. I for one cannot wait for this. See you next month for another book installment!


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